By Jeff Charles

In the midst of the wall-to-wall media coverage of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, there was another story that did not receive quite so much attention. On the day before the massacre at the Tree of Life, a man shot two black Americans at a Kroger’s grocery store in Kentucky. Based on the comments of the shooter, the incident is believed to be a racially-motivated crime.

Mass shootings like the one at the synagogue often reignite the gun control debate. However, the incident at the Kroger’s grocery store contains a detail that the left would rather not address: Security measures save more lives than laws.

Black Churchgoers Protected

Before he murdered two black Americans in the grocery store, the shooter attempted to gain entry into First Baptist Church in Jeffersontown. The church has a predominantly black congregation, and it is likely that the killer knew this.

A Jeffersontown employee told law enforcement that he saw the gunman outside the church. According to the witness, the suspect “appeared to try to gain access” to the building. Billy Williams, the church administrator, told The New York Times that there were between eight and ten churchgoers on the premises at the time – one of whom saw the gunman tug on the door before leaving. The church’s video surveillance footage confirmed the statements of both witnesses.

Security Saved Churchgoers, not Gun Laws

The left is fond of promoting more restrictions on firearms as the solution to mass shootings. In their minds, more laws will stop would-be mass murderers who do not care about breaking the law. They lambast anyone who dares to suggest that mere security measures – even ones as simple as just locking the door – are more effective ways to save lives. Indeed, they slammed President Donald Trump for having the temerity to suggest that armed guards could have prevented the atrocity at the Tree of Life synagogue.

It has been shown time and again that hardening potential targets against mass shootings saves lives. 

Unfortunately for the gun control lobby, they are perpetually proven wrong when reality shows that additional security is an effective way to prevent gun deaths. The church did not have fancy security systems with armed guards, but simply locking the door and placing the campus under surveillance prevented the would-be assailant from entering the building and provided law enforcement with more information.

It is also worth pointing out that after the shooter killed his two victims at the grocery store, he was engaged by an armed citizen. While neither individual was wounded in the exchange of gunfire, it is possible that this kept the gunman from claiming more victims.

It has been shown time and again that hardening potential targets against mass shootings saves lives. Not only do such measures serve as an effective deterrent, but they also increase the likelihood that a would-be murder is prevented from committing another massacre somewhere else. When it comes to keeping people safe, it is essential to focus on practical solutions rather than just pushing a narrative that empowers the state to strip away more liberty.

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