By Jeff Charles

If there is one thing that has vexed liberals for decades, it is the black conservative. Black Americans, and other members of the left’s chosen protected classes tend to support the Democratic Party. However, the ones who choose conservatism have continued to confound left-leaning Americans.

Recently, Kimberley Johnson, a contributor to The Huffington Post and the spokeswoman for an advocacy group called “We Are Woman,” posted a tweet wondering why a black man might adopt conservative views. While it’s easy to criticize her apparent ignorance, it’s important to note that this type of attitude is prevalent among many on the left.

Kimberley Johnson’s Tweet

Johnson sparked a mini-firestorm on social media when she tweeted about seeing a black American who was obviously a conservative. “Out on the road the other day, I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers,” she wrote. “One was pro-NRA, and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don’t tread on me’. This left me very confused.”

Not surprisingly, the reaction to her tweet was swift and harsh. Many criticized her for the racist post, arguing that the color of one’s skin should not necessarily dictate their political values. Former “Real World” cast member Chet Cannon responded. “BREAKING: @HuffPost contributor confused by black man thinking for himself and not the way she thinks a black man should think.”

After noting that Johnson had also posted a tweet telling critics of the #MeToo movement not to tell her how to think or behave, NRA News Host Cam Edwards also remarked on the tweet: “But please, caucasian lady, tell us what bumper stickers black men should have on their BMW’s.”

But please, caucasian lady, tell us what bumper stickers black men should have on their BMW’s.

— Cam Edwards (@CamEdwards) July 5, 2018

Journalist Jason Howerton also joined in: “One of the racist things ever are people who think black people MUST all think alike and vote for the same party.”

After the backlash, Johnson deleted her original tweet and posted another defending her earlier comments:

“1/ Okay. I deleted a tweet that questioned why African Americans would support the Tea Party, and people saw that as racist. I do not see the GOP working in the best interests of people of color or women. I never said anyone should vote any particular way. I said it confused me.”

Johnson went on to say that the source of her confusion is the notion that “the Tea Party does not act in the best interests of anyone other than white, rich men.” She also indicated that blacks who do not vote Democrat are voting against their own interests.

Why Are Liberals So Confused?

Johnson’s tweets are indicative of the attitudes of many on the left, who tend to assume that black Americans are mostly left-wingers who vote for Democrats because the party serves their interests. Indeed, it’s a common assumption that the Democrats are the group that looks out for the black community. However, both of these beliefs are demonstrably false.

Many blacks hold leftist views, but they also have conservative viewpoints as well. While 55% of blacks are pro-choice, 41% are pro-life.

Black Americans have a favorable view toward legal immigration. However, a Gallup poll shows that 57% of blacks are worried about the impact of illegal immigration on the country.

The Second Amendment is also an issue on which blacks agree with conservatives. While many still favor some controls on gun ownership, a growing number of black Americans are joining gun clubs and purchasing firearms.

Even though a large minority of blacks hold conservative views, they have still given the Democratic Party 90% of their votes, so it’s not too surprising that a liberal would be confused when faced with a black conservative. But what’s the reason for this? It’s simple. Blacks and leftists erroneously believe that the Republican party is chock-full of racists and the Democrats supposedly oppose racism.

What’s the Truth?

The reality is that blacks who become conservatives are not voting against their own interests. Indeed, most of the problems that members of the black community face are aided and abetted by policies implemented by Democratic politicians.

Democrats push legislation and policies that are designed to keep blacks dependent on the government. They use identity politics and a message of victimhood to appeal to black voters. In this way, they have ensured that they receive the majority of black votes without doing anything to benefit the black community. However, many blacks have become disillusioned with the Democratic Party — they realize that their leadership is not interested in seeking actual solutions to the problems they face.

The confusion that many liberals experience when they see a black conservative shows that they don’t truly understand the situation. The reason most blacks vote for Democrats isn’t because they are passionate leftists — it is because the left has successfully labeled conservatives as racists. But Republicans do bear some of the blame — the GOP allowed Democrats to construct this lie without making a concerted effort to counter it.

Despite the efficacy of the left’s decades-long smear campaign against the conservative movement, right-wingers now have an opportunity to pull the veil off the great deception. Many individuals who are a part of the Democrats’ valued victimhood class have discovered their lies and have responded by abandoning the left’s destructive dogma; it is one of the reasons why the #WalkAway movement has become so popular.

Now is the time to show blacks and other minorities that the Democratic Party does not have their best interests at heart. When these Americans realize how the left has abused them, they will become more willing to adopt ideas that will empower them to achieve the success they deserve.

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