By Jeff Charles

“A black conservative is a black who dissents from the victimization explanation of black fate.”

~Shelby Steele

Contrary to what the left would have you believe, blacks are becoming more and more disenchanted with the Democrats and their message of victimhood. Conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA recently held an event at Stanford University. Candace Owens, their communications director, gave a speech and took questions afterward.

Epi, a black student, addressed Owens and stated that he was leaving the left because he finally realized that they do not have the black community’s best interests in mind. It’s a lesson that many blacks – young and old – are taking to heart.

Another One Leaves the Left

During the question and answer period of the presentation, Epi stood up and explained his frustrations with far-left groups like Black Lives Matter. “I’ve been researching Black Lives Matter and I’ve been understanding the politics and how they’re funded by white liberals,” he said. “And recently, I’ve been feeling like they’re white liberals in blackface.”

I rarely get emotional, but this young man waking up to the lies of the Democrats almost brought me to tears.
The media can lie, try to smear, or ignore us—but there is nothing they can do to stop the black revolution that is unfolding.
Thank you God, for this moment. #MAGA

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) May 30, 2018

He also stated that when he went on the group’s website, he saw that they were “all about feminism and LGBT.” It’s true. As you might already know, while BLM claims to advocate for blacks who are unfairly victimized by the police, their true purpose goes far beyond police brutality. Epi explained it best: “White liberals don’t really care about black people. White liberals don’t really care about me, bro.”

Epi went on to state that he had “escaped the plantation.” He yelled: “They don’t want me to have power – they want to keep me dependent.” He didn’t stop there. He slammed BLM for not including any content about the importance of black fathers on their website – and reiterated his assertion that the group was nothing more than a front for white liberals. “They put white liberal ideas, LGBT, women, non-binary, white feminism, all that Hillary Clinton stuff, put it all in blackface,” he yelled.

More Will Follow, But Not Without a Fight

Watching Epi talk about his revelation was inspiring. His excitement was palpable –  like someone who just realized that he had been lied to all his life.  It reminded me of when I finally realized that the messages I had been fed since childhood were nothing more than lies designed to keep me dependent on the left. If you have read my material, you know I’m not a fan of plantation analogies when it comes to blacks rejecting the left, but what’s most important is that many blacks like Candace Owens and Epi are finally waking up.

This is just the beginning.

Blacks and other minorities are seeing the far left’s message for what it is: a narrative built on lies. They want us to believe that we are nothing more than victims that need to depend on a government led by the Democratic Party. Just as conservatives are revolting against the left’s stranglehold on our culture, blacks are slowly starting our own rebellion. For decades, this message has kept us compliant – giving them our votes without receiving anything in return. However, in the words of Bob Dylan, the times are a-changin’.

It is important that conservatives remain vigilant in their messaging. The far left is very possessive of their victims – they will not let us go without a fight. There are few things more dangerous to the far left than a black person who vociferously rejects their message. You have probably already seen how ruthless they can be to those of us who will not embrace their ideology.

They attempted to destroy Kanye West just for saying that he liked how Candace Owens thinks. They labeled Steve Harvey as an Uncle Tom for even daring to meet with President Trump during the transition period. Senator Tim Scott has probably experienced their wrath more than most of us in recent memory. But so far, they have not been able to stop the movement.

Several prominent young black men and women have publicly rejected the left. Colion Noir, Alfonzo Rachel, Tommy Sotomayor, Wayne Dupree, Sonnie Johnson, Deneen Borelli, Antonia Okafor, and many others have not allowed themselves to be shamed into silence by the far left. If the interaction between Epi and Candace Owens is any indication, there will be more of us who espouse conservatism. And it’s about time.

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