By Jeff Charles

Eugene Robinson recently penned a piece for The Washington Post titled “God Bless the Deep State” in which he lavishes praise on members of the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies who work to impede the Trump administration.

Ever since Trump was elected, many on the left have ridiculed conservatives for claiming that individuals in powerful positions in and outside of government are trying to disrupt Trump’s presidency. In his piece, Robinson acknowledges the existence of this cabal of shadowy figures and celebrates their actions.

Well, at least they’re finally being honest about it!

Eugene Robinson

While the notion that a group of unelected officials are actively trying to derail a sitting president would alarm most Americans, the left seems to believe it is warranted because they hate Trump. It goes without saying that these same individuals would be screaming in rage if this type of group tried to sabotage Obama’s presidency, but it appears their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Washington Post Praises the Deep State

Robinson begins his piece by attempting to rebrand members of the Deep State. Instead of acting as sneaky operatives who seek to push their leftist agenda, they are noble figures working to protect America. “They are not participants in any kind of dark conspiracy,” he writes. “Rather, they are feared and loathed by the president and his wrecking crew of know-nothings because they have spent years – often decades – mastering the details of foreign and domestic policy.”

The author goes on to state that if it weren’t for the Deep State, we would not have received the supposed “bombshell” that The New York Times dropped when they published a piece revealing that Trump had been briefed on Russia’s meddling two weeks before he took office. They obtained this information from anonymous sources – AKA the Deep State. Then, he claims this information proves that Trump has been dishonest when he previously expressed doubts about Russia’s meddling:

“So we know that when Trump casts doubt on Russia’s culpability, he’s not speaking from a position of ignorance. It’s not that intelligence officials have asked him to take their conclusion on faith. They’ve shown him the goods. He’s just lying.”

Of course, the author does not mention the fact that Trump has said on numerous occasions that he believes the intelligence community’s findings on Russia. Anyone who has been paying attention to Trump’s position on Russia knows that he was skeptical at first – not because he was lying, but because he wasn’t sure if he could believe the claims of the intelligence community.

The fact that Trump and intelligence agencies have had a bit of an ongoing feud might have caused him to doubt their claims. However, it is clear that Trump believes Russia was involved in an attempt to influence the 2016 election.

WaPo Justifies Actions of the Deep State

After singing the praises of the unelected officials who have been subverting the White House since 2017, Robinson makes a vigorous defense of their actions. In short, it’s all Trump’s fault. He cites Trump’s recent press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki:

“And if I had also heard my president welcome what he called an “incredible” offer from Putin – that he would allow special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to observe questioning of the 12 Russian spies he indicted last week if Russian authorities were also allowed to interrogate Americans they speciously accuse of crimes, including a former ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul – I would be furious and alarmed. I would have to wonder about the loyalty of my commander in chief. And I would have to think about my duty to the nation.”

Yes, that’s right. The president considered Putin’s offer to have his law enforcement authorities investigate the 12 Russians indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who would be allowed to monitor these investigations. In exchange, Russia would be allowed to interrogate U.S. citizens for unspecified crimes. Again, Robinson leaves out an important fact: Trump has already nixed the idea.

Robinson goes on to claim that the Deep State is necessary because President Trump might be giving away secrets to the Russians – because he’s a Russian puppet. He writes:

“If you worry, as I do, that Trump may have intentionally or unintentionally given away the store, you have to root for the deep state to find out what transpired in that room – and find ways to reverse, or at least mitigate, the damage.”

Apparently, the author sees the Deep State as a group of valiant individuals who are putting themselves at risk to make sure the American public knows what the president is doing. Moreover, he seems to believe that Trump can’t “acknowledge that the Russian strongman helped him beat Hillary Clinton.” In a paragraph worthy of the tinfoil hat-wearing class, he also claims that we are seeing “ongoing collusion, between Trump and Putin, to impede and denigrate the Mueller investigation.”

Wow. Not only did Trump allegedly collude with the Kremlin to win the presidency, but he is also still working with Putin to impugn the Russia probe.

The author ends his piece by stating, “In this emergency, the loyal and honorable deep state has a higher duty. It’s called patriotism.” Just makes you want to stand up and salute the Deep State, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re a normal American, you can see pieces like this for what they are: left-wing propaganda.

NSA headquarters, Maryland

There is absolutely no valid justification for officials in the government who use their power to interfere with the operations of the White House, regardless of who is in office. This is not a situation where brave patriots are opposing tyranny – it is just a group of individuals motivated by their ideology and animus towards those who oppose it.

When describing the Deep State, the author casts these individuals as heroic warriors who are fighting against an increasingly despotic, tyrannical regime. The opposite is true. The Deep State is the group who is dangerous. These are people who were hired to serve the president, not pursue their own political objectives. Indeed, by attempting to derail the presidency, they are forcing their agenda on the American people from the shadows.

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