By Mark Angelides

Free speech activist and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxely-Lennon) is appearing in the Old Bailey Court today facing charges of contempt of court and of breaching the conditions of a suspended sentence.

Robinson was jailed in May for filming outside a court where a number of Muslim men were on trial for the grooming and rape of underage girls. As covered by Liberty Nation at the time, he was arrested, trialled and sentenced all within the space of just a few hours.

During his 3 months in prison, he lost 40 pounds in weight due to threats of being poisoned, was kept in solitary confinement for 23-hours a day and was subjected to numerous violations including being kept from his lawyer. He was released on appeal after a court found that the procedure to imprison him was seriously flawed.

And now he faces these charges again.

The Protests

Tommy fully expects to be jailed again. Speaking in interviews with British broadcaster Katie Hopkins and Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant, he suggested that the Establishment want him killed and that the surest way to do this is to have him locked away in a prison with a large Muslim population.

During his last imprisonment, rallies and marches took place all over the world demanding that he be released. Prominent speakers from all over the world gathered to show their disapproval at the heavy-handed persecution of a man who is not afraid to speak out.

Live Updates

The trial begins at 10:30 BST, Liberty Nation will be bringing you live updates throughout the day to let you know if justice will prevail, or tyranny will rein in Britain. Stay tuned and keep checking back.

UPDATE: Tommy walks free from the court … for now. He still has the trial hanging over his head. Liberty Nation will be on the ground covering his next trial in October.

UPDATE: The judge tells Tommy: “Your bail will continue on the same terms as before and when the next hearing takes place you are required to attend as a condition of your bail. If you do not attend the case will go ahead without you and that will not be in your interest.”

UPDATE: Judge Hilliard has announced that the proceedings will be delayed to allow further time for preparation, most likely October 23rd.

UPDATE: Richard Furlong representing Tommy has said that he is going to present written statements to the court … no one seems clear why.

UPDATE: Judge Hilliard has said his decision will be public because “there’s a public interest in what is going on and what form the proceedings take”

UPDATE: Tommy has arrived at court and is awaiting the arrival of the judge. 

UPDATE: Estimates suggest up to a thousand pro-Tommy supporters are out on the streets. Check out this video:

Chaos at the Old Bailey as huge crowd greets Tommy Robinson as he arrives for his re-hearing on contempt of court charges.

— LBC (@LBC) September 27, 2018

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