By Leesa K. Donner

Ever since their historic and unforeseen loss in 2016, Democrats have been in nothing less than a state of panic. Despite the passage of time, they remain in the first stage of grief: denial. Nothing and no one can convince them that Americans repudiated their candidate, their ideas (or lack thereof), and their progressive vision that would turn the United States from a republic to a socialist nightmare the likes of which President Trump has so eloquently called a s***hole.

As a result, Democrats are pinning their hopes and dreams on the outcome of today’s midterm elections. And while they won’t admit it, their apprehension and anxieties are at a fever pitch. This collective alarm is due to uncontrollable trepidation, dread, and ultimately terror that the legislative and executive branches of the country could remain in Republican hands. Should there be a GOP stampede to the polls today, there’s no telling what the Democrats will do or how they’ll cope.

Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will follow should this Democratic nightmare turn into reality. Flustered and frightened, they have spent months amassing their troops. If truth be told, the media and pollsters are down in the trenches with the Democrats. They have been toting that barge and lifting that bale, marching into the field of battle with talk of a blue wave and regaining control of the legislature. Ah, yes, above all the Democrats must get control.

Prohibited or Mandatory

This abject fear that grips those on the left is a result of a twisted and flawed political philosophy that they continue to embrace, even though so much of the American public has rejected it. To wit: citizens should be permitted only two pathways on which to conduct their lives. It goes something like this: They should either be prohibited or mandated to do, say, and think.

This is classic 21st-century progressivism. You should be prohibited from owning a firearm, prohibited from speaking in any manner which the left deems objectionable, prohibited from homeschooling your child, or prohibited from determining which health care plan you want for your family. These are their political fundamentals, but their prohibitions go all the way to the minutiae of American life. Your children must be prohibited from drinking soda pop and must eat at school only foods that are sanctioned. In California “food confiscators” have license to search the homes of those suspected of purchasing unregulated milk; lemonade stands run by children are routinely shuttered; and you are not allowed to hand out plastic straws if you own a restaurant in California.

Ronald Reagan once said: “As government expands, liberty contracts.” This is the essence of what is at stake in this election. Will we remain a free people able to make decisions for ourselves and our children – or will we become captives of the state – told what to do at every turn?

dominion over your very existence is their raison d’être.

Dems Fear Loss of Control

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The principle that stands at the height of Democratic angst this midterm election is that those on the left will no longer be able to control you. Since you are incapable of making virtuous decisions on your own, you must be told what to do at every turn. The Democrats’ loss of control over your life has the party of the socialists entirely spooked because dominion over your very existence is their raison d’être.

It seems rather odd to point out that the mood of Republicans is very similar. There is trepidation that should this midterm election hand over control of the legislative branch to those on the left, we are up the creek with not so much as a canoe in sight. The GOP is panicked that the gains in our liberties these last two years – not to mention our economy – will shrivel up and die.

Therefore, it can be said that the mood in both parties is panic and fear. The question that will be answered at the polls today isn’t which party is the most frightened. It is which party’s panic has propelled more of their constituents to get out and vote?

For the party that can’t effectively channel its fears into victory, today will go down as just another pipe dream.

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