By Jeff Charles

Nearly 150 years after the United States freed American slaves, the “peculiar institution” of slavery is still being practiced on our soil. Tens of thousands are subjected to forced labor and sex work every year. Indeed, it is estimated that 17,000 to 19,000 individuals are brought into the country for these purposes.  A large percentage of these victims are smuggled across our borders by human traffickers, and these slaves live in some of the most brutal conditions imaginable.

Given America’s history, one would think that political leaders of all stripes would desire to take action against those who are enslaving people in our country. Unfortunately, Democrats want to abolish an organization that is at the forefront of the effort to destroy this evil enterprise.

In their bid to score political points against the GOP, leftist politicians have launched a movement to do away with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). While Americans in the 19th century fought to abolish slavery, modern-day leftists seek to abolish an organization that is working to free those who have become slaves.

ICE Combating Human Traffickers

When people think of ICE, they typically view the organization as the spearhead in the United States’ efforts to curb illegal immigration. This is accurate, but it does not encapsulate the full scope of the agency’s function. The organization also tracks down and arrests human traffickers and the clients they serve.

According to the Urban Institute, about 29% of all human trafficking victims in the United States were brought into the nation illegally while 69% entered the country legally by obtaining temporary visas but were kept in the country after their visas had expired.

In 2016, ICE arrested nearly 2,000 human traffickers and identified about 400 victims. Over the past year, the agency has arrested a multitude of criminals smuggling illegal immigrants into the country. Some of these individuals were simply bringing in illegal immigrants into the country for a fee. However, many smuggle people in to bring them to others who intend to enslave them. Most trafficking victims, many of which are minor children, are sold into sex slavery and forced into prostitution, pornography, and live shows.

Democrats Move To Abolish ICE

The campaign to abolish ICE gained steam as the media focused attention on the fact that the children of illegal immigrants were being separated from their parents at the border. The left instigated a massive outcry against the practice and are presently attempting to leverage the outrage against ICE.

George Soros-backed organizations recently held “Families Belong Together” rallies across the United States to protest the border separations. But at many of these rallies, speakers advocated for the abolition of ICE. Thousands of participants held signs bearing the “Abolish ICE” slogan.

Left-wing activists have also taken to protesting at ICE facilities. Protesters managed to shut down a facility in northern California. Liberty Nation reported that “the Richmond-based facility averaged 200 immigrant detainees on a daily basis, but Sheriff David Livingston suggested the cost of policing anti-ICE protests was a large contributor to the decision to end the contract.”

While the left believed the shutdown of the Contra Costa facility to be a victory, it has harmed illegal immigrants in the long run. The agency was forced to relocate these individuals to other facilities whose location was farther away from their families. But it doesn’t stop there.

Democratic lawmakers recently introduced a bill that would dissolve ICE. However, after realizing that the polls indicate that only 25% of Americans favor abolishing the agency, they stated that they would vote against their own proposed legislation.

Why Doesn’t The Left Care?

Let’s be clear: Children being separated from their parents is a regrettable circumstance. However, the responsibility for the separation lies with the parents who decided to enter the country illegally. Moreover, the border separations are temporary — and the Trump administration has already issued an executive order mandating that the families be reunited. Victims of human trafficking suffer a far worse fate.

For all intents and purposes, human trafficking victims are slaves. In addition to being separated from their families, the majority of these individuals are subject to beatings, starvation, and poor living conditions. The ones who are sold into sex slavery are susceptible to rape and molestation. The ones who survive are typically kept in captivity for years before being freed by ICE or other agencies. As stated previously, a large percentage of these victims are minor children.

So why would anyone want to get rid of an organization that seeks to rescue these victims? It’s simple. It interferes with their open-borders agenda. If they were only concerned about the treatment of illegal immigrants at the border, they would call for making changes to ICE, not dissolving it outright.

The reality is that illegal immigrants are nothing more than a political cudgel to use against their opponents on the right. They use this issue to falsely label conservatives as xenophobic bigots who don’t want more brown people in their country.

To the left, illegal immigration is just another way to smear the people who disagree with them. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering a plight that no American alive today could imagine. In the 19th century, the Democrats were the party of slavery. Unfortunately, their current approach to illegal immigration shows that they still are.

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