Basic Income is certain, but ‘they’ will wait as long as they can to implement it.

Looking at the barrage of news on technological unemployment, we may get lucky and avoid the predictable denialism phase altogether. A lot of time gets wasted on denying things that are inescapable. We may get lucky, as in “we might avoid a massively disfunctional dystopian future full of mass-poverty and the consequences thereof“. Technological unemployment, especially in the next 2-4 decades, is set to be a nightmare, in terms of making a lot of people extremely unhappy and anxious and as I see it (and from my personal experiences with my Basic Income) but at least with a workable solution, – Basic Income, we might not suffer a collapse of modernity, democracy, civilization, that sort of thing. Yes, Basic Income is now functionally a certainty. It may not yet be widely discussed by our current governments. but they know damn sure that this future is electorally inescapable. Given enough unemployable people, given sufficiently depressed markets and product demand, Maybe consumers/voters might not be capable of exerting sufficient push to implement new laws, but before long a lot of consumer goods companies will start pushing their bought government representatives that they want consumers to be able to buy their junk (and banks might get nervous about the real possibility of massive mortgage defaults and a hard downward deflation in the globally bloated real-estate bubble).

Source: Basic Income is certain, but ‘they’ will wait as long as they can to implement it.