By Mark Angelides

As the vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court looms on the horizon of political change, desperate measures are being taken by Democrats who can not afford a loss of face so close to the November midterms. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has called on the questionable services of the FBI in an attempt to derail the nomination and capitalize on recent accusations of sexual assault leveled at the judge.

Within hours of the Justice Department stating categorically that the sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh do “not involve any potential federal crime,” Schumer went for his Hail Mary moment. In a carefully worded statement, he said:

“We need the FBI to step forward to ensure that the Senate and American public have complete information about this troubling alleged incident before a hearing is held.”

The FBI, whose reputation has been perhaps irreparably tarnished by partisan bias, has yet to respond to the senator’s plea for help.

The Delay Game

Much like the Russiagate theory, this is a “delay and confuse” tactic that will probably go forward with no concrete evidence. But getting to the truth has never been the true purpose. It is enough to make the Trump administration appear embattled and on the back foot in the minds of just enough voters to secure Democrat wins in November. Schumer himself admitted as much when he stated:

“The White House understands very well that we aren’t asking to open a criminal investigation, but to have the FBI re-open and complete the standard background investigation for someone who has been nominated for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.”

The question becomes – if this is to be taken at face value – what exactly does Schumer expect to uncover?

The FBI – no longer known for its impartiality – has already conducted a thorough background investigation on Brett Kavanaugh. This single allegation regarding an event that may or may not have taken place decades ago, and that no one of any seriousness has suggested would result in a criminal charge, presents something that can never be proved conclusively. So what, Mr. Schumer, do you expect the result to be if the Bureau acquiesces to your request?

The answer is simple: delay.

Crunching Numbers

With the midterm elections fast approaching, there are a small, but essential, handful of voters who have yet to make up their minds. This whole piece of Kabuki theatre is being performed for these wavering souls. The drama, the elaboration, and the overall theatrics are an act to make one character – the Democratic Party – appear more powerful than it actually is.

If Democrats can be seen to hold the power position in the final few days before the midterms by delaying a vote on Trump’s SCOTUS pick, these actors will be able to present a fiction to the American people that they have an element of control. If not, power will accumulate where power already resides: in the Trump administration.

Selling Souls

We have reached a point in the never-ending narrative of politics where men and women of formerly good standing are willing to debase themselves, to lie, to mislead, and ultimately, to cheat the American people for a handful of votes. They have sold their souls for a chance at power, and in doing so, may have fractured the very republic they swore to protect.

A hideous shadow has cast itself over the American nation. It is the dark reflection of lust and hubris in the name of sought-after power. These creators of lies and misery willingly see all truth engulfed, as long as they have a single Hail Mary chance of usurping the reins of control. No cost is too great for their insidious ambition.

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