By Sarah Cowgill

With harvest still weeks away, festivals pop up across the changing landscape to celebrate everything good about the rural lifestyle.

Artisans will display all manner and disciplines of their heritage – from quilts to woodworking, to canning and preserving the goodness of the land – and will share with neighbors and visitors the bounty the good Lord has provided — to render the harsh winters more palpable.

Deplorables are a friendly, generous bunch.

Sit and Visit Awhile

The talk about the towns and villages of Warren County, Indiana this week has included the Democrat infested circus surrounding the Supreme Court Justice nomination hearing, additional ‘anonymous’ sourcing by legacy media, and the human hamster wheel coming to the Pine Village Fall Fest.

Tinker Snedeker’s gas station and mini-mart is the hub of activity for political discourse in the afternoons.  Hot, strong coffee, a free copy of the Indianapolis Star, and people “just passing through” spark excellent conversation.

Jerry “Mort”  Mortimore is a local with an opinion on everything and the kitchen sink.  He was grousing to any and all about the antics taking place on the taxpayer’s dime with actors and paid protesters screaming throughout the questioning:

“Sure as **** the Dems are resorting to what they are good at – throwing a tantrum, looking like the fools they are, demonstrating once again why the adults voted for President Trump in the first place.  I think that Kavanaugh will be an excellent judge and I must be right because that dingbat Pelosi, the loony toon mad Max, and the rest of the losing left hates the guy. Sounds like a great choice.”

And from behind the chip rack, a disembodied voice said, “Lordy, I absolutely agree with Mort,” while the gal pouring a 44-ounce bladder buster Mountain Dew tossed this remark over her shoulder:

 “I guess I’m not supposed to use this latest racist term but holy cow the monkeys were loose and swinging from the chandeliers this week at that SCOTUS circus.”

The TV at the local imbibing establishment, Brummett’s Village Inn, featured taking heads on a national cable news station salivating over the New York Times anonymously sourced editorial from an “important person close to the president.”  As Trump denounced the opinion piece as “gutless,” the local tavern sitters were much snarkier about the latest desperate act by the Democrats.

Accepting the offer of a free beer, Mort had followed and was ready to opine once again:

“Anonymous could be anyone from a figment of the editorial board of the Times to a homeless guy babbling conspiracy theories on Pennsylvania Avenue hoping for a few bucks.  How is this journalism? Anonymous.  Anonymous.  I’d lay a bet right now that if I called that paper and said ‘hey, I’m Trump’s former doorman and he routinely hosted orgies with Martians and the travelling circus but leave my name out of it’ the next day’s headlines would scream ‘Trump sells US to Mars after sex party!’”

This is why we love Mort.  He doesn’t care if people are offended by his expressed thoughts.

A Much-needed Respite

Politics will take a backseat this weekend – a much-needed rest from the monkeying around and shenanigans in the nation’s capital.

The Pine Village Fall Fest is hosted by the volunteer fire department and has been a highly anticipated event for over 30 years.  It’s a time to celebrate, make a few bucks for fire equipment, and enjoy the weather before Old Man Winter descends and inhabitants hibernate.  The Village Inn may be open, but the big screen plasma television will be tuned to golf, football, or reruns of Pimp My Ride.

Or, the shades will open so the barstool sitters have a front row seat for the human hamster wheel route down Main Street.  I have a feeling there will be wagering.

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