By Leesa K. Donner

It seems that rank and file Democrats aren’t so supportive of illegal immigration, despite the leftist media spin and unrelenting exhortations from the Democratic hierarchy. In fact, just how Americans feel about unfettered immigration is beginning to slowly but surely ooze out of the proverbial toothpaste tube.

Democratic pollster Mark Penn took a first, hard squeeze at it, in an interview with The Hill that revealed, “a vast majority of Americans don’t really support so-called sanctuary cities that shield immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.” The former chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s first failed presidential campaign said that 84% of those he polled, “favor turning undocumented immigrants over to federal agents.”

Mark Penn

But there is more – so much more – that the left-wing media isn’t telling you. A new Harvard-Harris poll (hardly a right-wing analysis) discovered that “eighty-one percent of Americans want one million or fewer legal immigrants” to be let into the U.S. annually. And here is the kicker:

“…the public seems to generally be on board with a more restrictive, merit-based immigration system. Americans prefer a system of prioritizing would-be legal immigrants based on their ability to contribute, based on their education and skills, over one based on immigrants having relatives in the United States, 79 to 21 percent. That includes a majority of white (79 percent), Hispanic (72 percent), and black (85 percent) citizens, as well as majorities of Democrats (72 percent), liberals (65 percent), and Clinton voters (72 percent).”

Bet you haven’t heard those numbers on Morning Joke when Mika and Joe belly up to the coffee bar with their satraps on MSDNC each morning. No, it seems better for the powers that be to hold back this kind of information from the dozen or so people who still watch their program.

Worse for the Dems is that the Harvard-Harris poll respondents were made up of 38% Democrats, 31% Republicans and 28% independents. That means their poll results were culled from more on the left than on the right. Uh-oh.

Then there’s the new Washington Post-ABC News survey. When asked, “Do you think the federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants is a good thing for the country or a bad thing for the country?” respondents were evenly split 46% for good and 47% for bad. But what WaPo doesn’t bother to mention is that the pool of people they asked self-identified as 31% Democrat, 23% Republican and 40% independent. As well, interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. Any way you cut it, Democratic illegal immigrant advocates are either jumping ship or weren’t onboard in the first place regarding unbridled illegal immigration.

The next squeeze of this toothpaste tube comes from the previously mentioned Harvard-Harris poll, which also exposed that 61% of respondents want stronger measures taken at the U.S.-Mexican border; 54% say a combination of electronic and physical barriers should be enough to do the job. And this from a poll that surveyed 7% more Democrats than Republicans.

Are we seeing an inexorable slide toward reality by some of the Democrats among us, or has it been there all along and the Big Boys just haven’t bothered to report the truth? If this is a portent of things to come, the mid-term elections may turn into a dark night of the soul for Dems.

And so it seems that the toothpaste regarding rampant illegal immigration is now out of the tube. Good luck to the Democratic Party and the media elites as they stress and strain to put it back in.

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