By Jeff Charles

The most recent video from Project Veritas should give all Americans pause. Over the past few years, the left has pushed their agenda using the establishment media, “grassroots” (Soros funded) protests, and our universities. But now, one of their more insidious tactics has been revealed.

In the video, undercover journalists working with Project Veritas recorded former and current members of the executive branch “actively trying to obstruct administration policies.” These individuals were caught on camera admitting to activities that would send the left into a frenzy if they were working under the Obama administration.

Deep State Using Government Resources for Resistance

As you already know, the White House has had serious problems with leaks since President Donald Trump took office. Jessica Schubel previously worked in the Department of Health and Human Services and is now employed with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities as a senior analyst. However, she maintains her relationships with current DOJ employees who “give her information.”

In one instance, one of Schubel’s compatriots sent her confidential information on the Trump administration’s proposed work requirements for Medicaid recipients. They provided her with this information “to be able to help on the outside.” She admitted to forwarding the documents to attorneys and reporters so that they could take steps to influence public opinion on various issues. But this is not the full extent of their activities.

Allison Hrabar, a paralegal in the Department of Justice, is one of the leaders of the Democratic Socialists of America. She led the crowd of activists who accosted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a restaurant earlier this year. She boasted that some of her coworkers “resist from the inside.” According to Hrabar, one of her friends who works with the Department of Agriculture does her part by “directly slowing down food stamp reform.” But that’s not the worst of it.

Hrabar recently led a demonstration at the home of Jeremy Wiley, a lobbyist. So how did they find out were Wiley lives? The Deep State operative explained that they use government resources to locate certain individuals whom they oppose.

“We looked it up and found a different address for him, and it turns out they sold that house and moved in the last six months,” she said. “So we sent someone to a secondary address, and their license plate was outside. And it had a bumper sticker for a school where we knew their kid went to.”

To verify that the car belonged to Wiley, Hrabar indicates that they ran the plate.

Hrabar admitted to using government-provided tools to track down a private citizen so they could harass him at his home. These activities are potentially illegal. One of her colleagues discussed how Hrabar uses her government account with Lexis Nexis to carry out her actions. “I mean, she has used it, she uses it probably on her work computer — we are all walking a line in a lot of ways,” he said.

The Gloves Are Off

The actions of these — and other individuals working in the federal government are shocking. They are intent on pushing their far-left agenda, and it is obvious that they have no qualms about using government resources to do it. The notion that individuals working for the state would target private citizens is a frightening reality; it is an outrageous abuse of power.

The lesson that conservatives should take from these videos is that the far left has taken off the gloves. They are willing to go to any lengths to target conservatives. Government officials using the power of the state to attack ordinary citizens is the very definition of tyranny and a vital component of the far left’s political DNA. We can’t afford to shrug these revelations off.

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