By Laura Valkovic

Trump’s visit to the U.K. was marked by rallies both of welcome and of protest. Liberty Nation was on the ground to capture it all so here we present a series of photos illustrating the pro-Trump rallies that took place on Saturday, July 14.

Trump supporters attend the Make Britain Great Again event outside the U.S. embassy to support the president.

A large police presence at the pro-Trump event. A Section 12 Order is in place to stop public disturbances, meaning that anyone who protests — displays a sign or banner or forms a procession of more than two people — is liable to a fine of around $250, while the event organisers would face three months in jail.

Violence breaks out between Trump and Tommy Robinson supporters, and counter-protestors. Police intervene and arrest 12 people.

Many of the Trump supporters have moved on to join a Free Tommy Robinson rally outside the Prime Minister’s residence of Downing Street.

A small group of Tommy Robinson supporters cause a scene at Trafalgar Square; some of them block the roads, stopping traffic.

Police keep rowdy Tommy Robinson supporters contained to Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. The atmosphere is tense but gradually dies down; both police and protestors are gone by around 8:30 pm, without major incident.

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