By Leesa K. Donner

Is there anyone out there in TV land who wants to smack that little smart-ass grin right off the face of Peter Strzok? Are we supposed to be impressed by his efforts to out-Alpha male everyone in the room? Or should we all cower in the corner because he is so very righteous and indignant?

It seems that Mr. FBI Agent believes a good offense is a fitting defense: and by all means – emote — because you are not a man to be messed with. Then get in the face of your opposition by smirking, raising your chin in the air, and when all else fails, wiggle your rear end in the chair. Think we’re making that last one up? Take three seconds and watch this Alpha-sized derriere jiggle:

The Poster Boy of the Deep State. If this doesn’t motivate you for November, nothing will: #maga #tcot

— Ned Ryun (@nedryun) July 13, 2018

Trying too Hard to Be the Big Dog

It’s clear Mr. Strzok is determined to extrapolate on what he learned in SOC 101 in college. You remember – that’s where the professor taught that the alpha-male gorillas and pack dogs usually get the best food and sex. Or maybe he Googled around until he hit on the website “To Be Alpha.” Yes, that must have been the ticket since he took every single piece of their advice to heart and brought it with him to the Congressional hearing room.

Here are a just a few Alpha tips that Strzok could have written the book on:

  • Be confident.
  • Be competitive.
  • Walk and talk like “The Shit.”
  • Always put yourself in the position of power.
  • Be dominant.
  • Be vocal.
  • Be loud.

And why should you be this kind of man?  “An Alpha male steps up and gets the girl,” advises the To Be Alpha site. Is it any wonder Strzok was involved in an extra-marital affair?

At the hearing, Strzok put on a command performance in haughtiness and egotism. Indeed, he exhibited the body language of someone quite pleased with himself. Again, this must have taken him back to his salad days in college, where he was so busy strutting his stuff he missed Psych 101.

That’s where the professor debunked all the SOC stuff. In “The Myth of the Alpha Male” Scott Barry Kaufman, a researcher at the Penn Positive Psychology Center clears up the Alpha-Beta male legend:

“When we impose just two categories of male on the world, we unnecessarily mislead young men into acting in certain predefined ways that aren’t actually conducive to attracting and sustaining healthy and enjoyable relationships with women or finding success in other areas of life.”

Uh oh, you mean women aren’t necessarily attracted to the Peter Strzok’s of the world? In fact, research shows that women do not find Alpha men attractive because they associate them with “aggressive and domineering tendencies,” according to a study cited by Kaufman. Moreover, the man behind the Alpha myth, L. David Mech, later found evidence that the concept of an Alpha male may have been an incorrect interpretation of the data and formally renounced his thesis in 1999.

And what does this have to do with Mr. Strzok and the Trump Russia collusion investigation? Why not a damn thing. But all this psychobabble is undoubtedly more accurate than anything coming out of Strzok’s mouth in that hearing room anyway.

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