By James Fite

The Trump administration isn’t the only new government to take a stand against the tyranny of the United Nations (U.N.). Italy is now considering a funding cut after the recently appointed U.N. human rights chief lambasted the new populist leaders for curtailing immigration.

Italy’s Populist Government

The new government in Italy is the result of a March election with no clear majority winner and the 88 days of what Liberty Nation’s Laura Valkovic calls “soap operaesque negotiations” that followed. The populist Five Star Movement, with their socialist goals – universal basic income, for example – is not what most conservatives or libertarians would consider right-wing. But they have at least two things in common with The League (Lega), a more right-leaning party looking to make Italy a federal state with greater regional autonomy.

Both parties are anti-mass immigration and very Euroskeptic. And together, they represent more than the 40% of the popular vote required to form the new government.

Matteo Salvini

The Good Times Are Over

As a border country for the group, Italy has been hit especially hard by the immigration policies of the European Union (E.U.). The logical answer was to pull the plug. Shortly after becoming the Minister of the Interior, Lega’s Matteo Salvini called for a halt on NGO boats full of Tunisians landing in Sicily and the deportation of illegals already in the country. “The good times for illegals are over,” he said.

As one might imagine, this angered the globalists at both the E.U. and the U.N. In her maiden speech as U.N. human rights chief, former Chilean Socialist President Michelle Bachelet attacked the new government’s policy of denying NGO boats entry at the Mediterranean ports. “This kind of political posturing and other recent developments have devastating consequences for many already vulnerable people,” she declared. Bachelet also revealed an intent to send staff to Italy, “to assess the reported sharp increase in acts of violence and racism against migrants.”

A Nasty Surprise for UN

In a move that surely baffled the globalist elite at the would-be world empire, Italy responded by threatening – and seriously considering – a cut to funding for the U.N. The new government already didn’t seem bothered by the E.U.’s sharp criticism. It should come as no surprise that they reacted this way to being denounced by the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The people of Italy chose a sovereign government over globalism, and it’s easy to imagine how they would feel about these foreign officials meddling in their lives. The new hybrid government was chosen primarily because it promised to fight mass immigration and E.U. control. It was only a matter of time before they pushed back on the U.N. as well.

Is the End Nigh?

The U.N. – and even the E.U. – may seem like indomitable powers in the world, but that illusion is only safe so long as no nation of any consequence defies them. Trump announced cuts to U.N. funding in December 2017, and now Italy is following suit. Brexit and the Italian resistance to E.U. policies threaten to shatter the imagined stability of the European Union. Both bodies stifle freedom – and both depend entirely on member compliance and funding. How many more nations will choose to hit them in the wallet rather than capitulate to unreasonable demands and suffer insult? How long can either body last once the illusion is dispelled?

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