By Leesa K. Donner

The jobless rate for minorities is falling into the abyss. Not that this has been headlining the news in the leftist American media. But hark – the Investor’s Business Daily has taken notice and here’s the upshot: “Trump, it turns out, has been the most consequential president in history when it comes to minority employment.”

Alert the media! The jobless rate for Hispanics has fallen to 4.6% — the lowest ever. Yes, that’s the lowest ever. Blacks, meanwhile, recorded an unemployment rate of 6.5% in June. That’s up from May. However, the previous level of 5.9% was the lowest in the history of the Republic.

As the IBD says, “The truth is, the ripping jobs growth that began when Trump entered office and picked up steam after his tax cuts has been good for everyone in America — even liberal media pundits.”

Thus, the question must be asked: How’s this playing with minority voters? A new Harvard/Harris poll appears to say, “quite well, thank you very much.”  Their study shows a 10% jump in approval for Trump from the Hispanic/Latin community.

So as minority confidence rises for our so-called “racist” president, we must ask: Where does that leave the Democrats? After all, this is their base and race-baiting is their stock and trade. It might be confusing to voters that a “racist” president has added to the jingle in their pockets. What will come of this at the mid-terms?

Ah, yes, the Midterms

If employment rates and emerging minority faith in President Trump’s economic policies are any indications, the DEMS are in a whole heap of trouble. If we trot on over to Zogby Analytics, we see danger dead ahead for the Democrats. “What’s interesting is that some Asian and Hispanic likely voters think things are going good economically, and are optimistic about their personal finances the next four years,” according to the Zogby poll. And even though most minorities still report a disdain for the president, his numbers are slowly but surely ticking up just enough to push the Republicans over the top in November.


While there still appears to be a disconnect between the heart and the pocket among minorities, what we are seeing is that this internal confusion is beginning to wane. As the Brits are wont to say, “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.” As the Investor’s Business Daily says:

“We wondered, if Trump were truly racist, “why would (he) put in place policies that, factually speaking, benefit minorities? It’s funny, too, that those that sell this toxic brew of false racism don’t mention the truth: That, like the rest of us, minorities thrive as the economy’s growth picks up.”

We’ve heard it again and again that a rising tide lifts all boats. And so, it appears that as the minorities in America are ready to set sail, the Democratic Party has run aground.

Shame about that.

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