By Onar Åm

After decades of unsustainable, low-quality immigration – especially the 2015 migrant crisis – Europeans have finally had enough and are turning to populist parties that want to limit immigration. Even in the progressive stronghold Sweden, the voters revolted in the latest election, pushing the country into parliamentarian turmoil.

EU is Retreating

In the current paradigm, the strategy of the E.U. leadership has been name calling, branding everyone who disagrees with them as “far right,” “racist,” or worse. It’s a strategy that only works on compassionate, non-racist people, of which there are plenty in Europe. But the effectiveness of this strategy is waning. Populist parties are sweeping into power across the continent.

Even in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Germany, the so-called “far right” party Alternative for Germany has managed to become a government party and is threatening Merkel’s and the E.U.’s hegemony.

Italy saw the people turn to populist parties, who are now in power and have declared that they will use military means to stop the illegal migration from North-Africa.

In response to this, the E.U. declared in a surprise move in June 2018 that they will strengthen the border staff and coast guard. A newly dedicated corps of 10,000 operational EU staff will ensure border integrity.

But not Surrendering

However, there is no sign that the E.U. establishment is giving up. It is only falling back to a position at which it believes it can secure a majority. The E.U. parliament has voted for disciplinary proceedings against bad boy Hungary, which under Prime Minister Victor Orbán’s leadership has led the hardest line against migration into the E.U. Orbán is fighting back and challenging the legality of the vote.

The decision by the E.U. to force the arm of Orbán is an obvious attempt by the pro-migration camp to fight back. In the short run, they may be successful, but most Europeans are on Orbán’s side. Until the E.U. surrenders, people will continue to flock to the anti-establishment parties.

Easy to Avoid

The most disturbing aspect of the ongoing cold civil war in Europe is that it was completely avoidable. The establishment could have had a massive amount of immigration into Europe without anyone reacting to it … if they had been competent and respectful.

We know this for a fact because Singapore has had a far more aggressive immigration policy than the E.U., with 40% of its population being non-citizens, and with far less animosity towards foreigners. How? By not giving any Singaporean a single reason to be afraid of or discontent about immigrants.

When a Singaporean meets an immigrant on the street or the bus he is certain that it is not a criminal, terrorist, or welfare recipient. He knows for a fact that the immigrant is working and contributing to Singapore, and that he does not have the right to vote away the rights of Singaporeans. With this simple formula, Singapore has staved off most anti-immigration sentiments.


The E.U. – and the U.S. – could have done the same as Singapore and avoided these problems. The reason they didn’t was that they were arrogant and lacked a fundamental respect for the people. They thought that an angry population would not be a problem because they would just browbeat them into submission with invectives and they honestly believed that this would be both morally appropriate and effective.

The globalist elite is now experiencing a backlash due to their moral shortcomings and incompetence.

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