Microsoft Forcing Upgrades of Windows 10


This recent post on Windows 10 forced upgrades is another example of Microsoft’s contempt for its customer base, and demonstrates that Microsoft is not an ally with its customers, but an adversary that has adopted the philosophy and techniques of ransomware creators.

The resurgence of Windows updates that make stealth adjustments to Windows settings in order to force the Windows 10 upgrade on users means that Microsoft thinks that they own your computer and your wallet. You no longer have a right of choice of what operating system you wish to use on a computer that you bought and paid for. Windows 10 is not free, it is a hijacking mechanism designed to make your computer a slave to Microsoft, making it part of a giant Windows based botnet. If you want to use your computer under their aegis, you will swipe your credit card for them when they tell you to.

This heavy-handed leveraging of your personal computing environment is a giant, glowing neon sign that says, “Go To Open Source”. The Linux operating system has come a long way. Its adoption has been held back by early Linux adopters having to be sysadmin level users. Going open source still means a fundamental change in perspective on doing your day to day work. If you think about it, what do most people do with a computer?

  1. Browse the web.
  2. Check email.
  3. Use an office suite (documents and spreadsheets).
  4. Messaging.

Since most apps are now web based, checking email, document construction and messaging are done in the browser anyway. That means you only need a computer to boot up, present you with a windowed environment, allow you to click on a browser shortcut and do your work. That’s it. That’s a pretty good use case for the majority of computer users.

The epoch of the monolithic software monopoly dictating how you will use your computer must come to an end. The world has had enough of moguls stamping their monopolistic DNA on everything you do.

The essence of the open source and peer to peer movements is freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of choice. It is a movement, a family of technologies built by the masses themselves. The desire to control your own destiny is the most fundamental aspect of being alive. That must not be forgotten.