By Jeff Charles

Comedian Michelle Wolf recently produced a sketch that attempts to disprove the notion that a mass shooting can be stopped by a law-abiding individual with a firearm. As you may already know, the left has been unsuccessfully peddling this falsehood for decades.

Wolf’s video is just another ill-fated attempt to convince the American public that they are better off relying on the government for their protection. However, Slate, a popular left-leaning website, seems to think that the sketch is the smoking gun — pun intended — that will finally destroy the supposed “good guy with a gun myth.”

Michelle Wolf Mocks the “Good Guy with a Gun” Idea

The sketch depicts a fake training video for a fictional company that instructs the supposed employee on the actions he should take in the event of a mass shooting. In the video, a man responds by taking out his own gun and shooting the attackers. Then, he is honored by the president and stars in his own movie.

The video is an obvious exaggeration of incidents where a law-abiding citizen with a firearm can take down a violent gunman. The ultimate point of the video is that situations in which civilians are able to stop mass shootings with their own weapons don’t really exist. Left-leaning website Slate agrees.

Slate Somehow Thinks Wolf’s Video Debunks “Good Guy with a Gun”

Slate recently published a piece titled “This Sketch Should Finally Put an End to Your ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Fantasies.” In the article, the author mocks the idea that an armed civilian can stop a mass shooter:

“The NRA’s favorite strategy for combatting mass shootings has long been the idea of a “good guy with a gun,” a theoretical armed civilian who will take out the shooter, apparently in time to prevent any casualties and without accidentally injuring his colleagues or students or fellow concertgoers.”

The author goes on to argue that during mass shootings, it’s unlikely that a person with a firearm would stand up and stop the attack. He brings up the example of Stephen Willeford, who shot the gunman who killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, TX, saying, “Donald Trump praised an armed man for chasing down the Sutherland Springs shooter — but that was after 26 people had died at the end of the shooter’s assault rifle.”

Of course, the author fails to address the possibility that the shooter could easily have planned to kill more people after his assault on the church. It is likely that Willeford prevented more unnecessary deaths by taking action.

The author also highlights the recent Florida school shooting as an example that supports his argument against the notion of a “good guy with a gun” scenario. He wrote, “There was a ‘good guy with a gun’ present at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but he did not engage the shooter because, as he says, he misidentified where the shots were coming from.”

The Slate piece concludes by asserting that the video is making a valid point: that the idea of a civilian with a firearm stopping a tragedy like the recent shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, is nothing more than a right-wing fantasy concocted by the NRA to prevent the passage of anti-gun legislation. “That’s what makes Wolf’s sketch not so much funny as it is grimly absurd, taking an already unrealistic fantasy to its natural conclusion,” it says.

Once Again, the Left is Wrong About Guns

Unfortunately for Slate, their arguments — as well as Wolf’s silly sketch — are easily disproved. There are plenty of situations in which a person has saved lives by using their firearm. There are abundant news stories about situations in which a gun was used for defense. You can find some of these reports here, here, here, here, here, and here on LN. Moreover, studies have shown that defensive uses of guns occur frequently in the United States.

A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control found that defensive gun uses occur about 2.2 million times per year. These are situations in which a firearm is used to prevent violent crime. In the vast majority of these situations, the gun is never fired. Instead, it is used as a deterrent to discourage a would-be offender from committing an act of violence.

The reason the left is losing the battle over the 2nd Amendment is that their arguments have obvious flaws that they cannot explain away. Wolf’s sketch, while entertaining to some, doesn’t do an effective job at examining the way firearms are used to save lives. Instead, it portrays this reality as a fictional scene that one would see in a movie theater. Most U.S. citizens know the truth: American society is safer when law-abiding individuals possess the means to protect themselves.

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