By Mark Angelides

In his first official visit to the U.K as President of the United States, Donald Trump arrives at a time of, as he himself says, “turmoil.”  Prime Minister Theresa May faces rebellion from her party over what is being described as a betrayal of Brexit, well-funded anti-Trump protests are organized for the duration of his stay, and the left-leaning media have taken it upon themselves to be the new moral arbiters of what a U.S. president may think and do.


Blenheim Palace

The president has a busy schedule lined up for his whistle-stop tour, including a black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, meeting with the Queen, and the all important bi-lateral talks at Chequers, the PM’s country residence.

While many media outlets have accused Trump of avoiding London due to protests, the reality is that he will be staying at the American Ambassador’s residence in London on his first night, attending meetings outside of London that have been arranged by the British state, and then heading to Scotland on Friday evening. The majority of his time in England will be spent actually in London, but this clearly fails to fit the narrative of a complicit press.


The British people will be out in force during Trump’s visit. Protests have been organized both for and against the president. Beginning with the floating of a “Trump Baby” blimp and proceeding to speeches by the U.K.’s most notable leftists and advocates of socialism, the anti-Trump brigade suggest they expect more than 50,000 revelers to descend on the nation’s capital.

As with most protests in Britain, the media will typically either inflate or minimize the number of attendees depending on the event’s political persuasion.

Support Face Tyranny

Luke Nash-Jones

There will also be pro-Trump rallies taking place, in various locations around the country. On the 14th, Trump fans had planned to congregate outside the U.S. embassy to wish the president well and show Americans that their leader was more than welcome in London. However, the metropolitan police have taken actions to stop the rally in its tracks.

Organizers Luke Nash-Jones, Martin Costello, and Freddy Vachha were informed that the rally “could not” take place near the “US Embassy or anywhere south of the River Thames.” According to Nash-Jones, the police informed him that if he, Costello, or Vachha were found in the vicinity of the embassy for any reason, they could face up to three months in prison under the Public Order Act (POA) sections 12 and 14.

Nash-Jones points out that under the laws set out by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), it is illegal to impose “a condition on the location of a protest.”

On the Ground Coverage

As Liberty Nation’s motto states: Truth is Making a Comeback. As such, we will be on the ground covering both sides of the divide. Over the 13th and 14th, we will be giving live updates, exclusive footage of the crowds and the speakers, and interviews to show you what’s really happening.

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