By Jeff Charles

Welcome to the “Lunacy on the Left” column where Liberty Nation highlights the published comments and arguments made from the left-wing point of view on the issues of the day. Each week, we will showcase the opinions of the leftist establishment media outlets, Democratic politicians, and other prominent figures on the left. In short, we wade through the morass of leftist lunacy, so you don’t have to.

Every week the left goes out of their way to show the American people the worst parts of their apparent insanity. Last week, they did not disappoint. Vogue elevated porn star Stormy Daniels to a position she may not deserve, an NBC correspondent whines about Trump’s words on terrorism, and a crazed Democratic Socialist makes an unhinged threat of violence.

Vogue To Name Stormy Daniels “Resister-In-Chief”

Vogue magazine recently dubbed Stormy Daniels — who is alleged to have had a one-night-stand with President Trump — as the “resister-in-chief.” Yes, you read that right. The magazine announced that they would soon publish a profile on the porn star in another bid to make her relevant.

Stormy Daniels

Of course, they did not reveal the content of the piece, but it appears that they might believe they can turn Daniels into an icon of feminism. Vogue isn’t the first publication to do so — The New York Times also tried to elevate Daniels to a political figure. “Ms. Daniels is a sex worker, making her the kind of ‘bad woman,’ scorned for her work, who is not often believed when she indicts a powerful man,” they wrote.

While the left might believe that propping Daniels up as some major figure might help them push their agenda, yet to the rest of the American public, it will likely appear as a desperate attempt to keep Daniels in the spotlight. Needless to say, we have not seen the last of Daniels or her “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti.

Crazed Leftist Threatens To Shoot Up MAGA Event

Last week, a deranged leftist made a public threat to shoot people at a pro-Trump event at Trump International Hotel in the Washington swamp. Using an anonymous Twitter account touting the Democratic Socialists, the suspect tweeted: “I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies.”

Law enforcement has launched an investigation into the threat, and the Metropolitan Police Department placed cars in front of the hotel.

Interestingly enough, none of the major left-leaning establishment media outlets bothered to report the story. But perhaps they should be given some leniency. After all, who has time to cover a threat of violence directed at conservatives when they’re too busy trying to blame the deaths caused by Hurricane Maria on Trump?

NBC Anchor Slams Trump For Saying “Radical Islamic Terrorism”

NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett took issue with some of the remarks President  Trump made on the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. During his speech, Trump mentioned “the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Oh, the horror!

Geoff Bennett

On Twitter, Bennett whined: “Trump in Shanksville talks of U.S. troops fighting “the menace of radical Islamic terrorism” — a controversial campaign catchphrase he didn’t use in last year’s 9/11 observance.” It appears this particular journalist does not appreciate the use of accurate language when describing the attacks..

Of course, there is no doubt that if a terror attack is committed by a white supremacist group, people like Bennett will lose their minds if the president neglected to constantly point out the nature of the people committing the attack. It looks like using precise language is only justified when it’s used against people who are not members of the left’s valued victimhood class.

What’s In Store For Next Week?

With the Supreme Court confirmation hearings and the possibility that the president might declassify documents that could poke holes in the Russiagate narrative, the likelihood of more leftist lunacy next week is high. It also won’t be surprising if someone on the left attempts to blame Hurricane Florence on the Trump administration. Stay tuned!

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