By Joe Schaeffer

Much like the Democrats, the Republican establishment has adamantly refused to humble itself and learn from the Trump Tsunami that swept over its cozy political landscape in 2016. Perfectly embodying this intentional cluelessness is former Florida governor and establishment-appointed 2016 GOP presidential “favorite” Jeb Bush.

The man who famously said in 2014 that illegal aliens who sneak into our country are committing “not a felony” but “an act of love,” and then wondered why the American people resoundingly rejected him two years later is still at it today.

Jeb Bush

Babbling Bushisms

In an interview with a fawning National Review editor Jay Nordlinger, Bush branded Americans who demand strong immigration restrictions as people “threatened by what they perceive to be a changing country that is less white perhaps.”

The remark is a revealing window into how Bush is still struggling to conceal his bitterness at being left adrift at sea a full two-plus years after the American people decisively cast the Bush Family Globalist Dynasty into the dustbin of history.

The comment is quintessentially Bush – father or sons. Passive aggressive, morally posturing, and chidingly condescending toward the very people one is supposedly trying to court; it encapsulates what has always been the fundamental weakness of this elitist clan.

Globalist to the marrow of their beings, the Bushes always had to pretend – enough to get by at least – that they really were conservative. Sure, father George and brother George W. knew they were selected by the party bigwigs and not chosen by the grassroots when they captured their Republican nominations and presidential victories. But they knew a certain amount of placating the base was in order here and there as well.

Jeb no doubt banked on the same thing happening for him in 2016. He amassed a massive financial war chest. He lined up all the right party insiders. He was trounced. Decisively.

But Jeb couldn’t see that the people had finally had it.

His unbending support for the ongoing unprecedented flood of immigration into this country, mostly from impoverished Central American nations and Mexico, sealed his fate before the first Republican debate.

The citizens of this nation do not want to be swamped with hordes of illegal immigrants– who prove to be a financial burden. It is not racist to oppose this inundation because the immigrants who turn out to be just such a burden are overwhelmingly Hispanic.

Old Family Agenda

For a globalist like Jeb Bush, this cannot be tolerated. Low-skilled immigrants provide cheap labor for the large corporations that the Bush family has been politically serving for decades.

Massive immigration means open borders. And open borders means globalism.

So it is no surprise that Jeb emphasizes in this podcast, as he has done throughout all his public statements on immigration over the years, that enormous numbers of immigrants are in reality “a catalyst for sustained economic growth” and not the millstone on the backs of the American taxpayer that they have so demonstrably proven to be.

Jeb has to serve his globalist agenda but try to present it in a conservative way. It’s an impossible task in 2018, though remarkably the man still seems incapable of seeing this.

A distinctly nauseating video posted onto YouTube in January by the George W. Bush Presidential Center features feckless Jeb sitting alongside Richard Fisher, former president and CEO of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank.

The two are discussing immigration at a Bush Center event.

In case you didn’t know, the George W. Bush Center is a tireless promoter of pro-immigration position papers and other documents.

In the video, Fisher makes the remarkable claim that it would be impossible for a nation of 326 million people to rebuild the city of Houston after Hurricane Harvey without Mexican illegal alien labor.

“Before the storm, there were 587,000 Mexicans – temporary and perhaps illegal Mexicans – living in Houston. The estimate, it will take a million Mexicans to rebuild Houston.”

Guess where he’s going with this?

“And this business of immigration and The Wall and we’re gonna tear NAFTA apart. I think we have to be very, very careful.”

If the United States, the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth, cannot rebuild a storm-damaged city without needing to utilize an army of “perhaps illegal” Mexicans, then that is the end of the United States as a sovereign country.

That the Bush That Didn’t Get to Be President can’t grasp that Americans refuse to walk this globalist path any longer only further accentuates the fact that this once-powerful family’s political window has slammed shut for good.

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