By Onar Åm

Sweden used to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Now it faces a slew of problems hitherto unknown in the Scandinavian nation: no-go zones, gang violence, car burnings, a dramatic rise in rape, and one of the world’s highest rates of hand grenade attacks. These are well-reported side effects of a failed immigration policy, but less known is the fact that immigration affects elections.


Sweden’s most well-known no-go zone is Rinkeby. Most of its inhabitants are Muslim immigrants, and as such it provides a unique insight into how the imported citizens vote. In the recent election in Sweden, Rinkeby voted more than 90% for the left-leaning parties. To put this in perspective, consider that Swedish parties are so far left that even their conservatives would easily fit into the Democratic Party in the U.S.


If you think this is a fluke, think again. The pattern of far-left voting is found across the world where you find people from third world countries, especially Muslims. In France and Belgium, studies have found that the Muslim population vote left-wing.

A similar result was found in Norway, where 60% of people from Africa or Asia voted for the Labor Party, the largest of the left-leaning parties. Less than 30% of ethnic Norwegians vote for them.

In Germany, immigrants are now such a large group that their votes are shifting the political spectrum towards the left and could influence the outcome of the elections.


It is likely that if the referendum on the E.U. in the U.K. would have been held only ten years into the future, the Brexit side would have lost if all demographic groups had voted similarly as in 2016. Muslims voted so much more pro-E.U. compared to other faiths that with their higher birth rates and high immigration rate, they would have changed the outcome of the election with the womb. Demographics matter.

Sergey Brin

The United States

In a recently leaked tape from Google after the 2016 election, co-founder Sergey Brin said that “as an immigrant and refugee I find this election deeply offensive.” He is not alone in finding American values offensive. If we look at the voting patterns of various groups in America, it becomes exceedingly clear that immigrants bring with them anti-American sentiments that they put into action at the voting booth.

The 2012 presidential election makes a good litmus test for patriotism, as Barack Obama promised to  “fundamentally transform” the country – essentially morphing it into something other than the republic it was always meant to be. In that election, Romney and Obama received 59% and 39% of the white vote, respectively. Hispanics, however, voted 71% to 27% in favor of Obama and Asians 73% to 26%. It appears that most immigrants vote for America with their feet, but at the polls they, vote to “fundamentally transform” it.

Culture is Sticky

Europe produced a freak of nature, an anomalous culture of liberty, respect for individual rights, reason, and private property – and America is its prodigy brainchild. Other cultures around the world are slowly catching on, but still lag far behind. Although many of the greatest talents of the world come to America, most immigrants seem to bring with them ideas that are inferior to the achievements of the West. Many of them not only maintain their own cultures, but find American values deeply offensive – like Google’s Sergey Brin.

Culture is sticky. It lasts for generations. Europeans and Americans fought hard and died for the ideas of liberty, and until the rest of the world has abandoned their corruption and far-left ideas, the West should be deeply cautious about immigration. For the left, it is merely a way of transforming politics using demographics rather than rational argument.

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