How to use VirtualBox and Tails for Safe Browsing

Tails photo
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Use of the dark net is easy. There’s far too many idiots out there that make it seem and sound like the most mystical place in the world, but you can safely and securely get online in a matter of minutes ( depending on connection speed ).

Easy steps :

1) download virtualbox –
Virtualbox allows you to run another operating system on top of your existing system. It is free, open source and available for windows, Mac and Linux. Download the free package and install. This allows you to create safe temporary environments which are perfect for dark net use.

2) download tails –
Tails is a live Linux distribution. This essentially means it is a disk image that someone can boot from usb, cd or other removable media. All data is deleted after use and it incorporates various dark net and privacy based tools. This includes tor – used to access the tor network. Download the 32 or 64 bit live cd image.

3) start virtual box and create new machine
Create a new machine and set it as a 32 or 64 bit Linux device. Go through each step and setup the memory as needed. You do not need to create or add a hard drive image or file, as we should never have to save to disk. After creating the machine right click on the new entity and select settings. Go to the drive setup and set it to boot from cd or dvd ISO image. Point to the previously downloaded tails image.

4) boot the machine
Once the machine has booted you will automatically be connected to tor. All activity and data saved during your session will be deleted when the machine is terminated. To end just close virtualbox and make sure you tell it to fully terminate the vm and not simply put the image to sleep.