By Leesa K. Donner

One can almost hear the gnashing of teeth over on the progressive left. With President Trump’s second bite at the U.S. Supreme Court apple, Democrats are in political free fall. This most coveted of executive actions has those on the left in a state of panic and despair. The result has been to buoy one another with words of hope and change.

But the question is: since that didn’t work the last time, what makes them think it will now?

Enter that bastion of left-wing advocacy known as the New York Times which opines that, “This is no time for Liberal Despair.” Opinion Columnist David Leonhardt then offers three key points for his “constituency” to follow:

  • Step one: Be realistic.
  • Step two: Don’t lose hope.
  • Step three: Know your strengths.

These three simple instructions are aimed at lifting the spirits of the left but may only serve to send them up the ladder of destruction headed for the precipice of the proverbial cliff.

Be Realistic

Mr. Leonhardt makes a case that the upcoming Supreme Court confirmation battle is unwinnable. It is indeed rare for Liberty Nation to agree with The Gray Lady but, in fact, this is a correct assumption. No matter the fuss and fuming by the Democrats, the president’s nominee is likely to become a member of the new Trumpian High Court.

Just how this is a hopeful scenario for the Democrats is rather curious. Leonhardt states that the changing of the guard at the court is not “the fight of our lives” and that, “The great political fights are still ahead.” Well, I suppose these are lovely sentiments to rally the troops, but they sound very much like a General sending his army into a battle where they are all but sure to be wiped out. Perhaps they would be better off running for the hills?

Trying to minimize the significance of the battle at hand doesn’t even remotely sound inspiring.

Don’t Lose Hope

In putting forth “Don’t lose hope,” as an axiom, the Times cites a Harvard political scientist that has studied “political power and change.” From her perch in the academic Ivory Tower, Theda Skocpol postulates that Justice “Kennedy’s retirement can be a clarifying moment for American liberals.” Really? One could say that rubbing alcohol is clarifying too, but it sure does burn like hell when you apply it to an open sore.

Here’s where leftist desperation goes into overdrive. “Most experts I’ve talked to – scholars and people in politics – believe that elected politicians can prevail in a long-term struggle with unelected judges,” writes Leonhardt.

That’s quite the uphill battle, especially once you’ve fallen off the cliff and into the abyss. Good luck with that.

Know Your Strengths

This brings us to Mr. Leonhardt’s third and final point: know your strengths. The theory here is that the Democrats hold, “a decisive advantage in public opinion” in economic policy. In other words, he wants his fellow Democrats to stick with the basics like “taxation and corporate power.”

Here is where leftists climb up the ladder only to find a missing rung and begin to have difficulty facing reality. Who out there considers “economics” a Democratic stronghold? As reported previously by Liberty Nation, “Back in December, the unemployment rate for blacks dropped to an all-time low of 6.8%.” Then there are the tax breaks that even former Trump-haters can’t help but enjoy when they feel that extra jingle in their pockets. The connection between the left and economic policy is tenuous at best. Even having faith in “free stuff” like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, is not as tantalizing as a job that brings dignity, self-respect and personal empowerment.

The New York Times and other far-left voices can blather on endlessly that, “This is not the time to despair,” but in the end, it sounds very much like the pack of lies you try and sell to your four-year-old to convince them to believe in Santa Claus. Sometimes it’s just better to be straight with your people instead of leading them down a primrose path that has them careening off the bluff.

But this type of mendacious behavior – the lying, deceit and perfidious conduct – is the stock and trade of leftists. Let’s all just hope they follow this fallacious advice to the “T.”

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