By Sarah Cowgill

The grasping at straws by legacy media and Democrats to prove Russia is responsible for President Trump’s ascendency to the Oval Office is petering out as fast as one can say, “Witch hunt.” But election meddling is alive and thriving right under Americans’ noses perpetrated by our own voter fraud, mass importation of immigrants, and attempts by municipalities to register aliens to vote.

The Presidential Commission on Election Integrity was responsible for investigating such malfeasance and criminal acts but was disbanded, as Democrats pugnaciously refused to cooperate with the Trump administration and turn over voter data. Imagine that.

In a crafty tactical move, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) absorbed responsibility and now has forced cooperation from the Democrats, and the tallying of numbers has begun.

Move Along, No  Fraud to See Here

“The truth remains that it is more likely for someone to be struck by lightning than for someone to have committed voter fraud,” according to Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), who loves to tell anyone in the media who will listen to his rants.

But organizations such as The Heritage Foundation continually monitor and report their findings in voter fraud categories including false registrations, ineligible voting (criminal convictions), fraudulent use of absentee ballots (voting here, there, and everywhere), and the tried and true style of Chicago: buying votes.

What they have found is a persistent abuse at the ballot box: 1,132 proven instances including 983 criminal cases ending in conviction, and 48 ending in civil penalties.

For those who believe the findings are minuscule, consider this incident that occurred in California involving immigrants’ rights activist, Nativo Lopez, a frequent flyer of voter fraud violations for decades:

“In 1996 his organization registered new citizens to vote in an election that ultimately unseated Republican Rep. Bob Dornan from the 46th District. A House Oversight Committee report later concluded that 748 improper ballots had been cast, 624 of them from non-citizen immigrants. Despite the improperly cast votes, the result of that election was not changed. Lopez was sentenced to three years of probation and 400 hours of community service.”

How is this allowed?  Well, it is California, but you can thank the Democrats and their flunkies for participating in fraud and overlooking any attempts to fix the system through voter identification practices. And fraud continues to blacken the eye of our democratic process in every state in the nation, except Rhode Island, Delaware, and Vermont.

Just for checks and balances, the Government Accountability Institute released a study finding “8,471 high likely cases of double voting.”

Maybe I just stumbled upon a message that will resonate for the Democrats since they seem to be lacking one: Vote early and often.

What If…

Let’s dream big and say we eliminate multiple voters, suppress the dead from getting their “I voted” stickers, and require voter identification. What is to be done with the Democrats who are importing millions of immigrants from south of the border to flood their voting rolls?

As San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro recently boasted: “The Hispanic vote in Texas will continue to increase. By 2024 Democrats can win Texas, Arizona, and Florida. A big blue wall of 78 electoral votes.”

University of Maryland, College Park researcher James Gimpel, has enough information culled together to spark a frantic rush by Republicans to rethink any immigration compromise:

“By increasing income inequality and adding to the low-income population (e.g. immigrants and their minor children account for one-fourth of those in poverty and one-third of the uninsured) immigration likely makes all voters more supportive of redistributive policies championed by Democrats to support disadvantaged populations.
There is evidence that immigration may cause more Republican-oriented voters to move away from areas of high immigrant settlement leaving behind a more lopsided Democrat majority.”

Tell me again why we need immigration reform?

Can Conservatives Stop the Spread?

What can conservatives do within the confines of the law to increase their base and deflect the insurgence of illegals from the south?

First, drafting the right candidate is what propelled success in 2016, and that means tossing RINOs out on their ears. Second, conservatives must court the burgeoning Hispanic base. And third, the encouragement and protection of black Americans who bravely stand up and preach about the delusion of Democrats being the party of their people.

The people who are hijacking elections are our own citizens, desperate to control the population and turn our country into a third-world cesspool where the distribution of wealth only goes in one direction. It is now the unwritten Democratic creed of “win by any means necessary” and they have brought the fight to the streets.

But they may have woken a sleeping giant.

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