I update my Tribler from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2 few hours ago.

Thank you for your extensive feedback on Tribler!
We did a big release with lost of exposure. However, with this large-scale usage of our fresh code we also saw some bugs that we never managed to see and fix. We currently pushing hard to do another 7.2.3 bug-fix release. The anonymous downloading and overlay stability is not as good as we want it.

Your thoughts on hard-disk cache and credit mining are great to read. We are striving for making things automated and intuitive, but that will require years of work. Bare with us please…
We even want to empower people with their own private “Tribler proxy” server with only a few button clicks. Think VPN, but then Tor-level privacy and pay for it with Bitcoin.

We are able to expand the team last month, so you can expect the no.1 “anonymous torrent client” to continue to churn out new releases. On the scientific side we’re working hard to create a web-of-trust. Something scientists never been able to do.
Animated .GIF of random walk across trust edges in our integrated blockchain, called Trustchain

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