By Tess Lynne

A Pro-ICE resolution to offer support of the organization’s personnel met with immediate disapproval from Democrats — no surprise there – with some even calling it a “sham.”

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer

“It’s an outrageous attempt to hide the continued suffering of children behind the partisans’ attack on Democrats,” Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House said. “This is exactly that kind of ‘gotcha’ vote that alienates the Americans from our government. It’s shameless and it’s inappropriate.”

The resolution was a result of the Dems running around like crazed chickens with their heads cut off screaming to abolish ICE. The measure, which was approved on July 18 with a 244-35 vote, was sponsored by Army veteran and former SWAT officer, Congressman Clay Higgins (R-VA), who said calling to abolish ICE was “dangerously ridiculous.”

Congressman Clay Higgins

“To actually suggest to abolish ICE is to suggest that you want to allow what ICE stops, so open borders is certainly not something that America supports. We’re a nation of law and order. We’re a nation of sovereign borders and a sovereign nation cannot stand without sovereign borders. ICE has a large role to play in that.”

Stopping ICE would be like shooting ourselves in the head. The organization has been responsible for removing not just illegal aliens, but also human traffickers and drugs. Just take a look at these statistics from 2017:

  • 105,736 criminal alien arrests.
  • 226,119 removals.
  • 4,818 gang arrests – 796 were MS-13 members.
  • $39 million in drug seizures.
  • $434.6 million seized from drug operations.

Liberty Nation’s Jeff Charles reported that “In 2016, ICE arrested nearly 2,000 human traffickers and identified about 400 victims.”

President Trump agreed that ICE was necessary and tweeted about the ignorance of the Dems:

The Democrats have a death wish, in more ways than one – they actually want to abolish ICE. This should cost them heavily in the Midterms. Yesterday, the Republicans overwhelmingly passed a bill supporting ICE!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 19, 2018

Protesters of ICE just don’t see the big picture. The closure of a Contra Costa County detention center in California didn’t pry their eyes open even a little. They continue to blather and holler about the racist organization that protects our nation from criminal illegal immigrants and an administration that ruthlessly separates parents from their children. But, as Congressman Higgins pointed out:

“Yeah, it seems to be a continuation of their tendency to place the interest of illegal immigrants above the interest of American citizens. Let us not forget that we have approximately 750,000 American citizens that are separated from their children currently incarcerated in American Jails. You separate yourself from your child when you commit a criminal act and get prosecuted and convicted. So they know when they’re crossing the border they’re subject to that.”

It’s also not about skin color or nationality, despite the anti-ICE rhetoric. Mexicans, Haitians, and Central Americans make up nine out of 10 people deported from the U.S.; however, the NPR shows that “deportations to the rest of the world have jumped 24 percent.”

Take the Irish immigrant population for example. Ronnie Millar, director of the Irish International Immigrant Center in Boston said, “It’s really indiscriminate. ICE, in their aggressive tactics of detention, are going after the Irish as much as they’re going after any other nationality.”

So, the two biggest complaints from protesters of ICE are debunked, yet they can’t see the writing on the wall. And still they run around willy-nilly, screaming about the injustice of a proposition that recognizes and honors men and women who put their lives on the line every day for U.S. citizens. As House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, ICE agents “are on the front lines in the battle against crime.”

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