By John Dempsey

The confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh’s placement on the Supreme Court has become a three-ring circus. Senator Mazie Hirono recently placed herself in the middle of the ring, however, in doing so she has opened herself up to deeper investigation and more criticism.

It turns out Hirono is not so eager to stand up against potential abusers when she benefits from associating with them. She, along with other Democrats including Dianne Feinstein– a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that will make the decision on Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS appointment – have accepted donations from a less than savory character on their own side.

The stakes are so high for the left; they will take money from a fellow Democrat who has admitted to physically abusing his wife.

Senator Mazie Hirono

Camera Antics

Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, has positioned herself for the camera by declaring that men need to “shut up and step up,” amid accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh. Shortly thereafter, she denied that the GOP has done everything possible to set up a time and place for accuser Christine Blasey Ford to testify, calling the Republican efforts bull***t.

Not too shabby for a politician to be in the news cycle twice in a week after being in politics for just thirty-seven years. Keep up the hard work!

But is Hirono really the feminist angel she has shown to the cameras? It has been

Abuser Money

In 1982, Tom Carper ran for Congress, representing the state of Delaware. His opponent accused him of physically abusing his wife, which he denied. Over the years, Carper won other political seats such as the Delaware governorship. In 1998, he eventually admitted during an interview to slapping his wife and causing her eye to bruise. The people he represents in Delaware put him in the U.S. Senate in 2001 and have kept him there since.

Tom Carper

While the American people are free to choose their representatives, is it not the height of hypocrisy for Democrats like Hirono to denounce Republicans for failing to deal with abuse allegations, while on the other hand accepting funds from an admitted wife beater? This entire episode has been a sideshow of Democrats parading in front of a camera preaching about their intolerance of any form of abuse, but apparently, this does not count when money is involved.

In fact, hitting women is included in Carper’s hall pass for being a Democrat; since he is on the left, his money is okay to take in order to further the Democrat agenda.

The reality is that the Democratic Party is hypocritical. They only want to do what is beneficial for them and their own pockets.

Money over Values

Who is evil here? Judge Kavanaugh, who has been the target of an obnoxiously obvious political smear campaign where there is no evidence whatsoever? Or the Democratic Party, specifically figures like Hirono, who will say anything to get in the spotlight and are willing to destroy a man’s career on baseless allegations, while at the same time accepting money from an admitted wife abuser?

Democrats have placed themselves in the middle of this alleged fight for Christine Blasey Ford and are using it to fundraise for the midterm elections. But

the left does not care about Ford. She is part of a manufactured crisis at a time when campaign donations are needed. Democrat hysteria is about money, not Ford and not about sexual abuse survivors.

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