By Kelli Ballard

When Cory Booker wrote in a column about stealing second base, he wasn’t referring to a baseball game. This particular steal came in the shape of a young girl’s breast. Mr. Booker explained how he, at the age of 15, took advantage of the young lady and copped a feel even after the girl had pushed his hand away.

Booker’s column, “So much for stealing second,” was published February 19, 1992 in The Standford Daily. In it, he talks about his exploits as a young teen and how getting a girl to have sex was a goal for most males. The incident he discusses happened on New Year’s Eve, 1984 after he reached to give a female friend a hug and was instead met with a kiss.

In Booker’s own words:

“As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating my next ‘move’ as if it were a chess game. With the ‘Top Gun’ slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark.’”

Cory Booker

Point 1: After the girl pushed his hand away, which is a clear rejection and a firm “no,” Booker still went in for his mark – namely, a young girl’s breast. In case you didn’t know, Spartacus, that’s sexual assault 101.

Let’s make something clear right here and now. Booker openly acknowledges his assault – in writing. Brett Kavanaugh vehemently denies the sexual harassment allegations against him, and has witnesses to back him. Booker actually touched an intimate part of the girl’s body. Kavanaugh, according to his accuser, tried unsuccessfully to take her clothes off.

However, as Liberty Nation’s Scott Cosenza so cleverly said, “Democrats work for the good of wymyn and so cannot be bad.” And no, folks, that was not a typo, as there’s no man in “wymyn.” To prove this point, just read these oh-so-sympathetic words from Booker regarding Kavanaugh’s accuser:

“It takes enormous courage to come forward publicly as Ms. Ford has,” Booker said. “The Senate owes it to her and every survivor of sexual trauma to listen to her story and gather all of the facts before moving forward with this nomination.”

Point 2: Booker set up his lovely forced romantic scene in his column by saying he had the Top Gun slogan running through his head while figuring out how to seduce a teenage girl. I’m not exactly sure what slogan he’s referring to, but Top Gun wasn’t released until two years later, on May 12, 1986.

Booker’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

No, Booker’s column isn’t just one long conquest story. He does talk about how, as he became an adult, he realized such behavior is not to be tolerated. However, he excused his immature behavior by saying:

“Ever since puberty, I remember receiving messages that sex was a game, a competition. Sexual relations were best achieved through luck, guile, strategy or coercion. Another friend in high school counseled me on the importance of drinking: ‘With liquor you’ll get to bed quicker.’”

And, even more shocking, he wrote:

“Coming to college, I was immersed in the same sort of attitudes. ‘What do you think happened? She invited me back to her room at 3 a.m.’ ‘I’ve got to find a way to snatch that snatch.’ ‘The best thing for that girl would be to be tied down and screwed.’”

He was referring to comments he’d heard from friends throughout his younger years; still, he admits to seeing nothing wrong with those attitudes at that time.

Booker vs Kavanaugh

If you were to set these two side-by-side on a white board and list the events between Booker’s groping and Kavanaugh’s alleged assault, the results would be glaringly obvious: If a Democrat does something in his youth, it’s okay; if a Republican is accused of the same, he is ostracized, demoralized, harassed and condemned without even a trial.

Democrat Cory Booker

  • Was 15 years old when he sexually assaulted a female.
  • Was told “no” by the female by way of her forcibly pushing his hand away.
  • Continued without consent to reach his mark and touched her breast.
  • Confessed to the entire incident in writing.
  • Blamed his actions on youthful misunderstandings.

Result: No real criticism; no one has demanded an FBI investigation; no one has demanded he be removed from office.

Republican Brett Kavanaugh

  • Was 17 years old (still a minor) when he allegedly sexually harassed a girl.
  • Was allegedly intoxicated.
  • Allegedly tried and failed (along with a few others) to remove the female’s clothes.
  • Adamantly denies all allegations.
  • Has witnesses and character letters attesting to his exemplary actions both in high school and beyond.

Result: Criticized, ridiculed, condemned. There are demands for an FBI investigation and delays to his appointment to the supreme court.

And so here we have another example of what’s good for the goose not being good for the gander.

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