By Andrew Moran

Today’s brand of feminism is vastly different from your mother or grandmother’s feminism. What was once a heroic and just crusade has been hijacked by far-left activists who then metastasized the movement into one of revenge, rage, and repugnance. The hallmarks of 2018 feminism – shouting your abortion, blaming sexism for all your problems, and looking up to alleged comedian Amy Schumer as a role model – are only hurting females everywhere, not helping the cause – or society.

Thankfully, a growing number of women, witnessing the tragic, repulsive, and intellectually insolvent developments in real-time, are rejecting the feminist label.

According to a Refinery29 and CBS News study, an astounding 54% of millennial women – typically those born between 1980 and 2000 – do not describe themselves as feminists. And this isn’t an American phenomenon either; a 2016 poll discovered that just 7% of Britons would call themselves feminists.

What happened, as that woman who will never be president constantly asks?

Despite what every hip person donning a pussy hat and a t-shirt that reads “I Am A Feminist” will tell you, not every woman is a vicious man-hater who wants to sterilize their gender counterparts. The clear majority of women are sensible, respectable, and logical. They do not want to imbibe their yeast infections to protest President Donald Trump, give Baby Jesus an abortion, or have intercourse with dozens of men to declare their independence and fight against the patriarchy.

Here is something else pink-haired feminist leaders will never concede: Women still realize how integral men are to society, no matter how much they are denigrated, vilified, or belittled on a daily basis.

In fact, without men, our society would come to a grinding halt.

Men Remain Important

Even in nations that attempt to socially engineer their populations, we have learned that men and women are attracted to certain types of work. Whether it is a gender characteristic or the antiseptic wails of “everything is a social construct” crowd, men tend to gravitate to certain occupations, and women to others. Men prefer to work with things, women opt to work with people.

This is apparent in Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, which reported an unequal number of men employed in higher-risk fields. From powering your home to putting fish on your dinner plate, from shielding you against unscrupulous individuals to constructing your home, these are occupations dominated by men, ranging from as low as 85% to as high as 99.9%.

While these are not glamorous jobs that afford you the opportunity to sit in opulent offices, earning a six-figure salary and griping about the patriarchy at business conferences, they are integral to the world.

Who else will man the oil tankers? Who else will repair rooftops? Who else will pave the roads in extreme heat and frigid cold? The women aren’t stepping up and applying for these backbreaking jobs.

Remember, we live in a free society where men and women can choose any career they wish. The government hasn’t passed a law prohibiting a woman from learning to become an electrician. Universities are not barring women from enrolling in a nuclear engineering degree program. Businesses are not banning female applicants for logging positions.

Society should never begrudge women for choosing to abstain from these dangerous and physically taxing occupations. It is their right to earn 57% of doctorates in the humanities and select less chaotic careers that offer a greater work-life balance with less pay.

At the same time, feminists should refrain from slamming so-called toxic masculinity because not only are men helping society function, they are perishing to ensure your carton of quinoa beverage is recycled properly and that you arrive to your “Using Medieval Castration in the 2018 Corporate Landscape to Defeat Sexist Old White Male Executives” conference.

Breadwinners, Revenge, and Hysteria

It is true that the numbers have been declining for the last 30 years, but two-thirds of U.S. men continue to be the breadwinners. At a time when the nuclear family is under threat and adult men are petrified of growing up, there are still men who take their Head of the Household title seriously. Husbands and fathers clock in long hours at the office, take care of their family, and live up to their obligations and responsibilities.

This portrait of a typical 1950s family, or a 1980s sitcom, should be commended, not disparaged. But don’t tell that to feminists who find it to be a vile concept.

How dare a man look after his family! Doesn’t he know he is facilitating the social construct and oppressing women? He should be ashamed for working hard, loving his wife and children, and making sure he puts groceries on the table every night! Doesn’t he know he is literally Hitler for this behavior?

It is this level of hysteria that is driving women away from feminism. In fact, because conventional feminism has endured its own mutiny by the crazies in recent years, it spawned a new trend: More millennial women are becoming housewives. Despite feminism ostensibly being about choice, these women are often the target of scorn and derision by social justice warriors because they choose to live life the way they want to.

Feminism is not about gender equality. It is a vacuous undertaking aimed at attaining revenge. Feminists will never be satisfied until all women earn more than men, abortions are free for the world, and it’s “51% female” across the board – except, of course, fields that risk life and limb. Until then, the pearl-clutching will persist, the topless marches will rage on, and facts will be tossed to the waste bin. No wonder why the term has morphed into a vulgarity, not a badge of honor.

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