By Jeff Charles

Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part series. Read part one here.

Racial minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community have faithfully supported the Democratic Party for decades. For the most part, they still do. However, this is beginning to change.

The Democrats have enjoyed the votes of previously disaffected groups in America because they have enticed them with the left’s message of victimhood and oppression. By convincing these individuals that America’s bigotry prevents them from living successful lives, the Democrats have positioned themselves as the almighty savior.

Now, a significant number of those who belong to the left’s valued victimhood class are seeing through the deception, and are leaving the Democratic Party. The #WalkAway movement demonstrates that more and more of these Americans no longer subscribe to the left’s ideology.

One of the reasons people are abandoning the left is the increasing radicalization of the Democratic Party. They have become repulsed by the race-baiting, attacks on free speech, and overall violence of the leftist movement. However, this isn’t the only reason they are leaving. Conservatives have taken advantage of new ways to reach more people.

The Left Wielding the Media

As any attentive conservative knows, the establishment media is heavily biased in favor of the left. For decades, the press has made it their mission to smear conservatives while promoting leftists. News outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, and others routinely report stories in a way that furthers the left’s desired narratives.

Since President Donald Trump was elected, the legacy media’s prejudice has been dialed up to eleven. The majority of the press’s reporting on the Trump administration has been disproportionately negative. The leftist bias has been so rampant that most of the American public has taken notice. In a recent study, the Media Research Center found that from January to April of 2018, 90% of television news coverage of the president was negative. Indeed, it is rare for these networks to report on stories that cast the Trump administration in a positive light.

The left does not only dominate the news media, they also control America’s entertainment industry and our universities as well. They have not hesitated to use these institutions to further their agenda. By minimizing conservative views and placing leftist opinions at the forefront, they have ensured that their ideas are being consumed by the American public. However, conservatives have taken advantage of other methods of reaching more people.

Alternative Media  Reaches Americans

Until recently, the only medium that conservatives dominated was talk radio. Famous talk show hosts like Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and Rush Limbaugh discussed the news from a conservative perspective. This is still the case as the left has not had much success in creating talk radio programs. But their hold on the rest of American media still gave them an edge. This meant that conservatives had to find other ways to get their message to the masses. This is where the alternative media came into play.

Alternative media is another popular method for people to consume content. It includes social media, video streaming, news sites, podcasts, and more. By using the internet, anyone can have a voice. The democratization of online speech has allowed conservatives to dominate in a space other than talk radio.

A significant number of Americans now get their news online — mainly through their mobile devices. The internet provides easy access to all types of content from both the left and the right. Prominent conservatives like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Colion Noir, Candace Owens, and many others have built massive audiences through YouTube, online television subscriptions, and podcasts. The left has made numerous attempts to silence conservative voices on these platforms, but so far, they have failed.

It is also important to note that when you go online to consume conservative content, you are likely to see many individuals who don’t fit the typical conservative stereotype. You might watch Dave Rubin, a gay classical liberal who frequently clashes with the left. You may come across Wayne Dupree, a black conservative talk show host. People who belong to the left’s victimhood class can see conservatives who are just like them. Establishment media outlets would never showcase these individuals — indeed, they would rather that the American public didn’t know these people exist.

A Continuing Trend

As conservatives continue to cultivate their influence using alternative media, it is likely that the Democrats will continue to lose supporters. As stated in the previous installment, the primary reason minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community have supported the Democratic Party is that they believe the GOP is full of bigots. They have been convinced that the conservative movement is dominated by alt-right white supremacists who only care about benefiting white Christian men. Through alternative media, we can provide evidence that this assumption is based on a lie.

The conservative movement includes people from all types of backgrounds. Indeed, many of those who have commented on the #WalkAway movement have stated how they were met with acceptance from those on the right. When these individuals actually interact with conservatives, they don’t experience the bigotry that the left claimed was present on the right.

Alternative media has provided conservatives with a more effective way to reach a new audience. By supporting those who expose the left while arguing the merits of conservatism, we will continue to seize more ground in the culture war. A large number of Americans have become disillusioned with the Democratic Party, which means that now is the time to strike. Fortunately, it appears that conservatives are finally up to the challenge.

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