By Graham J Noble

It is no secret that the Democrats and the extremist left-wing special interests they serve had resolved to sabotage, by any means possible, the nomination of a second Supreme Court justice by President Donald Trump. It is simply dishonest to suggest that the opposition party had any intention whatsoever of affording any Trump nominee the right to a fair confirmation process. The stakes are too high and the left always defaults to the position of the ends justifying the means. In the face of the vague allegation of a sexual assault almost four decades old, Democrats have announced their verdict and proclaimed the accused underserving of a defense.

Chuck Schumer

This is the stuff of third-world dictatorships. It is the Spanish Inquisition. It is the Salem witch trials. Before our very eyes, the left is dismantling the rule of law and the long-established principles upon which western society bases its legal system.

No Presumption of Innocence

Since the meticulously-timed revelation of the accusation made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, several leading congressional Democrats have already made it clear that, in their eyes, no room exists for any presumption of innocence. Even without a shred of evidence or a single corroborating eye-witness, the allegation made by Christine Blasey Ford is, apparently, all the evidence needed to brand Judge Kavanaugh a rapist. Never mind that Ford is not even accusing the judge of raping her. Never mind that Ford might just be the only woman alive who has allegedly been the victim of a sexual assault that bordered on attempted rape but cannot remember exactly where or when the incident supposedly took place.

Those Democrats who have been challenged on whether Kavanaugh has the right to the presumption of innocence have mostly attempted to sidestep a direct “yes” or “no” answer. Nevertheless, not one of them has suggested that anyone should believe the Supreme Court nominee’s denials. In a news conference Tuesday, September 25, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer was asked directly about Kavanaugh’s right to a presumption of innocence. After unsuccessfully attempting to avoid giving a straight answer, Schumer told a reporter: “There’s no presumption of innocence or guilt when you have a nominee before you.”

Brett and wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh

The Senator’s statement is utter nonsense; the fact that it is a Supreme Court nominee at the center of this matter is entirely irrelevant. Every American – including members of Congress, cabinet officials, Supreme Court justices, and even the president himself – are, or are supposed to be, subject to the same laws and the same legal process. The rules and principles of jurisprudence are not suspended because the accused happens to be a presidential nominee. Furthermore, the idea that “there’s no presumption of innocence” is in direct conflict with the most basic secular, western legal philosophy; that a person should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Moreover, the standard for guilt is held as being beyond a reasonable doubt. From a strictly legal perspective, then, it is a virtual certainty that Brett Kavanaugh will never be ‘found guilty’ of those things of which he has been accused. Schumer and his despicable party colleagues, along with everyone else on the extreme left, has flatly rejected the entire structure of our justice system in the pursuit of political power.

Democrats’ Stalinist Philosophy

This is the road leading to an authoritarian dystopia in which no man, or woman, is safe. We are looking at a Democratic Party that has fully embraced a Stalinist philosophy. Lavrentiy Beria, the unwaveringly loyal chief of Stalin’s secret police for 13 years, once said: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” This is exactly what has happened to Brett Kavanaugh and something similar would have happened to anyone else nominated by Trump to the Supreme Court. The Democrats kept their powder dry during the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch, knowing that he, alone, would not tilt the Court to a guaranteed conservative majority and that the president would, at some point, get at least one more bite at the Supreme Court apple.

To answer the question of presumption of innocence on behalf of Democrats, then; No, Kavanaugh does not deserve that which leading Democrats John Conyers, Al Franken, and Keith Ellison had all enjoyed and, in the eyes of many on the left, still enjoy to this day.

Keith Ellison

Believe All Women? Not So Much

Keith Ellison, who is running for attorney general in the state of Minnesota, has been accused of multiple serious acts of domestic violence. It is a story which has been completely ignored by the left-wing legacy media. Democrats are always given the benefit of the doubt and always assumed to be innocent – even in the face of undeniable evidence; something that is entirely lacking in the Kavanaugh case.

A recent poll in Minnesota, reported by The Minnesota Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio News found that, among Democratic voters, only 5% believe Ellison’s accuser. In contrast, 42% of the Republican voters polled said they believed Karen Monahan, the Democrat’s former girlfriend, while 15% said they did not believe her and 43% claimed they were not sure.

The idea that all women who make allegations of abuse or assault should be believed, then, is not that popular among either Democratic Party politicians or their voters. For most Americans on the political left, whether the accuser or the accused is to be believed is based almost entirely on the political affiliations of either one. The #MeToo movement began as an empowerment of female victims of abuse. It is now a wholly partisan movement that, like political correctness itself, has become a weapon in the war for political and cultural hegemony.

If Brett Kavanaugh is denied a seat on the Supreme Court because of a crime never proven, but nonetheless chiseled in stone by Trump’s political opponents, an appalling new precedent will have been set in motion and our entire political system will, henceforth, be at the mercy of progressive mob justice.

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