By Jeff Charles

The allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have reignited the debate over the #MeToo movement. When the campaign first kicked off, it was designed to expose individuals who committed serious sexual offenses. However, it has become abundantly clear that the movement has now been abused in a way that threatens its very existence.

As usual, the left has ruined something by using it to spread their politics of hysteria and victimhood. The #MeToo campaign has created an atmosphere in which accusations are thrown out carelessly with an automatic presumption of guilt … even when evidence is lacking. Moreover, those who perhaps make clumsy passes are being classed the same as real monsters.

Despite the fact that the left has turned the #MeToo movement in to a complete fiasco, the principles behind it can still be salvaged if Americans take a different approach.

Brett Kavanaugh

Look At Each Case Individually

When the allegations against Kavanaugh surfaced, many on the left argued that he was guilty because many others who attended the same school engaged in behavior similar to that of which Kavanaugh is being accused. In an appearance on CNN, Samantha Guerry, one of Ford’s friends, stated that other women approached her claiming that they had similar experiences. She was quick to point out that none of these women had indicated that Kavanaugh had abused them, but they were victimized by “other boys in our community.” She said that if they were in Ford’s position, they would “want to be taken seriously as well.”

The problem with this type of approach is that it does not view each case individually. Referring to certain kinds of boys, or particular types of situations is not applicable to each case. If Ford’s claims were true, it is important that we focus on the specific people involved — not get bogged down in similar types of incidents.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The current #MeToo movement has a tendency to immediately assume that the accuser is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. While the majority of women who make allegations of sexual assault are not lying — there are plenty who have been deceptive.

Comedian Norm MacDonald, who was recently excoriated for giving a contrary opinion to the #MeToo arbiters, said, “It used to be, ‘100 women can’t be lying.’ And then it became, ‘One woman can’t lie.’ And that became, ‘I believe all women.’ And then you’re like, ‘What?’”

The “believe all women” mantra is likely the main reason why the #MeToo movement will collapse. While the left is perfectly fine with destroying a man’s career over unsubstantiated allegations, the rest of the American public is not.

The reality is that we should not take either party’s claims at face value. It is important that we evaluate each person’s side of the story along with the relevant evidence. The notion that an individual should automatically be believed because of their gender is dangerous. It could result in accusers making claims of sexual assault to extort innocent men. Indeed, it is likely that this has already happened on numerous occasions.

Stop Treating All Cases Equally

One of the most damaging aspects of the #MeToo movement is the left’s tendency to treat all misdeeds the same. Indeed, they have expanded the definition of sexual assault to include a myriad of behaviors including flirting, inappropriate comments, and rape.

As a result, men who make offensive comments will be given the same treatment as someone who attempts to force themselves on a woman. While is the former is not likely to serve jail time, they certainly risk losing their careers.

Of course, this blurring of the lines could be by design. The left, in their quixotic effort to destroy the patriarchy, seems willing to take down men who so much as think an offensive thought against women. By altering the definition of sexual assault, they can lump all men into the same category and treat them accordingly. Again, the rest of the American public is not going to accept this.

#MeToo Is Hanging By A Thread

The situation with Kavanaugh and Ford has exposed some of the ugliest aspects of the #MeToo movement. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last debate over this issue. It is not likely that the far left will become willing to take a more sensible approach to sexual assault, and their hysteria is likely to kill the campaign.

It does not appear that the left has realized their error. Using crimes like sexual assault to further a political agenda is not only immoral, it is an ineffective strategy. The more the left escalates the lunacy over #MeToo, the less inclined people will be to believe their arguments.

Just as the left has done with the word “racism,” they run the risk of going overboard on the issue of sexual harassment. In the end, the term will become devalued to the point that the public will become desensitized to it. And the real victims will be the ones to suffer.

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