By Mark Angelides

In the ever-expanding police state known as Britain, it is becoming more difficult to not run afoul of thoughtcrime laws. Increasingly, the U.K. has seen its own citizens persecuted and imprisoned for expressing their views. Americans are protected by the Bill of Rights that allows individuals to live as free citizens; perhaps it is time for Brits to take the lead from their cousins across the pond.

The abject tyranny of a nation that prosecutes its own citizens for holding views that even just a few years ago were considered mainstream cannot be accepted any longer. George Orwell foresaw it all, and now the British public are experiencing it in its dreadful glory.

The Psychic Police Force

A short time ago, London’s Metropolitan Police released the following statement on their website and Twitter:

“If someone does something that isn’t a criminal offence but the victim, or anyone else, believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, we would class this as a ‘hate incident’. Though what the perpetrator has done may not be against the law, their reasons for doing it are. This means it may be possible to charge them with an offence.”

Now read that again. The police are currently in the habit of prosecuting people for incidents that are not criminal if someone (anyone?) supposes said actions were motivated by hatred. After receiving backlash and condemnation, the website was updated to use more concise language, yet the powers of arrest and prosecution themselves remain the same.

Evidence-Free Courts

It is not only the police force that has decided to subject British citizens to politically motivated tyranny. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which prosecutes the majority of criminal cases, recently released new guidelines for dealing with certain crimes. They state:

“In order to treat a crime as a hate crime for the purposes of investigation, there is no need for evidence to prove the aggravating element.”

Hate Crimes carry sentences far harsher than those handed out for regular crimes, meaning that a person who is prosecuted for one crime will face a sterner sentence if “hate” can be included in the charge. Yet there is “no need for evidence” in the eyes of the court.

Online Offenses

In late 2017, figures showed that an average of nine people day are being arrested per day for what is deemed “offensive online” communication. That totals over 3,000 people a year and rising. And what were these terrible crimes that in many cases resulted in fines or prison sentences?

Markus Meechan (known online as Count Dankula) spent two-years going through the British courts for making a YouTube video designed wholly to “annoy” his girlfriend by pretending that her cherished pug dog was the worst thing he could possibly think of: a Nazi.

He taught the small dog to Sieg Heil on command. It was a joke, it was intended to be funny, Meechan has explicitly said that Nazis were the worst thing his imagination could conjure. This did not stop the police arresting him, the media vilifying him, and ultimately the courts finding him guilty under the Communications Act of a crime that was “anti-semitic and racist in nature,” and that was aggravated by his religious prejudice.

Dankula has since become a free-speech activist, creating videos, memes, and plenty of jokes. He sees the loss of rights and freedoms in the U.K. as a dangerous slope that is only getting steeper. As part of his new role, Dankula is publicising the need for a full British Bill of Rights similar in scope to that of the U.S. original. We caught up with him at the latest United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) conference:

Is freedom of speech dying? Check out this exclusive interview Liberty Nation's Mark Angelides had with Youtuber Mark Meechan, also known as Count Dankula, and see his response on the state of freedom of speech.#freedomofspeech#freespeech#news

— Liberty Nation (@libertynation) September 21, 2018

Liberty Nation spoke with another young man who recounted his experience of being picked up by the anti-terrorism task force and questioned in holding for four hours. His crime? He suggested that “Caitlyn Jenner was so bad at being a man that he became a woman,” in an online post.

Now More Than Ever

It is not right that the British people are subject to the whim of whichever cookie-cutter political party happens to be in power. It is unjust that sweeping laws can be made and powers be granted that limit the ability of individuals to freely express themselves.

There is no protection from the governing bodies because they are making laws that see all citizens as nothing more than subjects to be ruled over. Only a full Bill of Rights ensuring freedom of speech and expression can save the people of the U.K. and it needs to happen before it is all too late.

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