By Jeff Charles

Conservative pundit Candace Owens is pulling the veil off of the left’s lies about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the detention centers in which they house illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. She recently visited an ICE detention center in Broward County, Florida, and was surprised when she saw how the detainees were being treated.

The left has demonized ICE particularly since it was widely reported that the children of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers were temporarily separated from their parents when attempting to gain entry into the United States. Since then, many prominent figures on the left have called for the abolition of the agency, although it is not the organization responsible for separating children from their parents.

ICE Detention Centers

Recently, Owens live streamed a video directly outside the ICE detention center in Broward County and discussed the living conditions of the detainees. She stated that she was “incensed, horrified, and angry” when she saw the difference between the left’s claims about ICE and the reality of the situation.

“Children are being mistreated in this country,” she said, “They are not the children that are sent to ICE immigration centers.” Owens went on to discuss the various amenities the children enjoy in the facility, including a sand volleyball court, a library with access to computers, foosball tables, Zumba classes, free phones, and even a beauty salon. This clearly does not resemble the picture the left has painted when criticizing ICE.

Owens went on to point out the contrast between the treatment of migrant children in detention centers to the situation that American children in the inner city face. “There are the children in Chicago, in Baltimore, in Detroit, they are the children that are being ignored while the leftists drum up a bulls**t narrative that these immigration centers are somehow harming people,” she fumed.

Owens concluded her video by explaining why she is taking issue with false claims about ICE detention centers. “While they have their fake paid protesters that are pretending that people inside here are going through anything – and it is nicer than any public school system that I have seen in my life!”

To be clear, Owens was not criticizing the fact that the children were given these amenities, she was upset by the fact that the left is pushing a false narrative about ICE. Moreover, she was pointing out the consequences of these lies: “Democrats, you should be disgusted with yourselves! You have caused mayhem; you caused people to be protested, boycotted, attacked, violently attacked!”

Not every ICE detention center is on par with the facility in Broward County. Many of these buildings did not have the infrastructure to house the number of people that arrived when the Trump administration implemented its “zero tolerance” policy at the border. However, the claims that each ICE center provides poor living conditions does not stand up to scrutiny.

Consequences of a False Narrative

Over and over again, the leftist actions have shown that they are not concerned about the children of illegal immigrants, or any other members of their victimhood class. To the leaders of the movement to abolish ICE, these individuals are nothing more than political pawns.

The left was willing to concoct an entirely false narrative about the children of illegal immigrants to push an open borders policy. But when it comes to protecting children in the inner city, they are not as adamant.

In cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Baltimore, children – most of whom are black – live in near squalor. Their schools are dilapidated and the neighborhoods are full of crime. Policies imposed by Democrat leadership in these cities have kept their residents reliant on the government.

The misinformation campaign about the children of illegal immigrants was meant to turn the American public against stricter law enforcement at the border. The majority of Americans agree with the president’s immigration policies, which meant that those who oppose border control needed to develop an effective persuasion initiative that could cause people to change their minds on border security.

Using children is a powerful way to appeal to emotion as most people do not want to see them suffer. Crafting a narrative of children in emotional pain helps to distract the public from the true victims of illegal immigration. It diverts the focus from families who have lost loved ones to violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants. It prevents them from thinking about the tens of thousands of people who are trafficked over the border to be sold into slavery.

Keeping these true victims front and center in the minds of the American people will keep the left from accomplishing their objective: open borders.

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