Apache OFBiz News June 2018

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we have more news about how our community is sharing knowledge and helping to support new users, we welcome three new committers and we share some OFBiz technical statistics.

Sharing Community Knowledge

During May and June we have continued to receive questions and requests for help to get OFBiz setup for different scenarios. Manufacturing seems to be the module currently getting a few questions on our mailing list. Please see below for a few of the queries that our community has responded to: It is great to see that our community is keen to share their knowledge and experience with new OFBiz users. If you have a question or query about Apache OFBiz then please feel free to post a message to our user mailing list and our community will do its best to respond and support you.

New Committers

During June the Project Management Committee (PMC) invited three new Committers, Aditya Sharma, Swapnil M. Mane and Suraj Khurana. Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Aditya, Swapnil and Suraj in their new role on the project, and also thanking them for all their contributions.

OFBiz Technical Statistics

This month using the ASF online project statistics tool (kibble.apache.org), we have decided to focus on some of the technical aspects of the projects and give you some statistics around the development work that is ongoing. Commits:
  • OFBiz currently has over 2.4 million lines of code, over 300,000 lines of comments and over 200,000 blank lines! (NOTE: At its highest there was over 3.5 million lines of code so the refactoring and code clean up effort is working!
  • Over the last 3 months, 15,765 lines have been changed by 13 of our committers using 155 commits
  • The most active repository for commits is the ofbiz-framework with 77% of commits
  • The top 3 most active committers were Jacques Le Roux, Deepak Dixit and Rishi Solanki!
Dev Mailing Lists: Jira:
  • We have had 9 newcomers to the project that have been helping with contributions to Jira issues
  • 1 returning contributor (someone who has contributed in the past but not on a regular basis) and;
  • 36 regular contributors to the OFBiz Jira>/li>
  • Over the last 3 months 103 issues were opened, 63 issues closed, 29 different people creating issues and 13 different people closing them
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to make the project what it is today, and also to all the new contributors who are continually joining our community and helping to improve OFBiz.

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