By Kelli Ballard

What a world we are living in today when a website is allowed to promote how to thwart and hurt police officers during protests, hold up banks, and so much more. Especially when conservative websites and opinions are being blocked daily simply because they don’t meet the left’s single-minded objective. Unfortunately, these destructive websites are out there, and one that we recently came across is actively showing liberal protesters how to lie, cheat, and even hurt others. describes itself as a “Do It Yourself website for projects of protest and creative dissent.” It offers videos, instructions, pamphlets and a range of nefarious material to help protesters do their deeds, “from the practical and tactical to the creative and illegal.”  One could spend hours reading all of the helpful instructions, but we’ll only concentrate on a few here.

Hurting Cops

“The simple device can be used as a last line of defense when riot police attempt to charge a line of protestors,” the instructions read. The idea is simple: use a hollowed-out pole and pour ball bearings into it, then seal it. The pole is then attached to a sign. “The ‘Ball Bearing Poster’ can quickly and easily scatter a barrier of ball bearings on the street making it difficult for police to charge a crowd or a small targeted group,” instructs the website.

Ball bearings rolling around on the ground can also cause a lot of injuries – not just to their intended target, the police, but also to other protesters or innocent bystanders. The instructions suggest getting several fellow protesters to do this so that there is mass coverage – and more opportunity for injury.

How to Hold Up a Bank

The opening statement to these tactics reads: “Ever wanted to hold up a bank … and get away with it? Now you can!”

This is not a “how to” for pointing a gun at a teller and demanding cash. Rather, this is a detailed instruction on how to cause havoc at banks that “involves creating an endless line that will effectively disrupt branch operations for the day.”

The action requires about 20-25 people who are current customers of the bank being targeted. Their goal is to stand in line and cause as much disruption as possible, without drawing attention of security who will likely ask them to leave. When these customers reach the teller, they are instructed to ask numerous (and bogus) questions so that they are in line for as long as possible.

Actual picture of their bank draft from their website.

“When a participant finally makes it to the front of the line, the objective is to take up as much time as possible,” the instructions read. “As mentioned earlier, this can involve asking lots of questions, telling jokes, flirting, asking for change in odd denominations, etc.”

Another idea is to create fake deposit slips to give to the tellers, causing more mayhem and confusion. Here are the instructions for this brilliant piece of deception:

Design your props – For our action, we also chose to create fake withdrawal slips that asked Wells Fargo to withdraw their financial investment in GEO Group, a major player in prisons, immigration detention, and operations at Guantanamo Bay. This served as a useful prop when speaking with bank staff as well as other banking customers.

Once a participant finishes with the teller, they are to go to the back of the line and start over, thus creating a never-ending line of idiots disrupting business and hurting innocent individuals just trying to make a living.

How to Embezzle

Oh yes, folks, there’s even instructions on how to steal from your workplace. This 30-page plus pamphlet describes the best ways to steal and get away with it. The synopsis reads:

“Helpful hints on: what loot to steal, when and how to steal it, and how to fence it. Discussion of how much to steal included, as well as tips on new ways to steal time and how to steal back your surplus value.”

Aside from the normal things people take from their offices everyday without even thinking of it as stealing (pens, paper clips, etc.,) you are given detailed instructions, included with pictures, on taking other items such as office chairs.

Newspaper Wrap (Fake News)

As if there’s not enough fake news in mainstream media, this ingenious website tells people how to create a fake front page of a newspaper and bill it as a popular news source. “Find a local newspaper printing company. You’ll want to use a false name in your dealings with them, just to be on the safe side.” Write your own headlines and tell the story the way you want; the truth doesn’t matter to this group.

People interested in this method are given instructions on how and where to create the front page and get it printed. Then, the object is to find newsstands and cover the front page of the targeted paper so that people will think they are buying their favorite news source.

As the website points out quite accurately, “if people begin reading your wrap without realizing it is not the ‘real’ cover of the paper they picked up, they will at first accept what they see with the same attitudes with which they receive mainstream media reports.” In other words, headlines sell and the majority of people, sad to say, don’t take time to read the actual articles.


This section covers the art of evading the police while doing something you shouldn’t be doing;  the website explains it like this:

The first time you find yourself running from the police, you’ll discover a new relationship to your body: you will be present in it entirely, and it will serve you well, as bodies have served human beings fleeing from predators since the dawn of time. It may even be profoundly empowering to discover that, in addition to all the capabilities your mind affords you, you have this, too: the strength of your muscles, the speed of your reflexes, and the sharpness of your instincts. Besides, your pursuers are just running for a paycheck; you are running for your life.

In this section, all sorts of helpful hints are given, including how to hide in dumpsters, wearing wigs and layers of clothing, pretending to have a romantic interlude with someone while police go by, making sure to have get-away cars and lookouts, and “you can use a stolen license plate or obscure your plate with mud.”

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this site. It describes how to put deceiving stickers on fruits and vegetables in stores, break into deadbolt locks, making protest signs, creating affinity groups and so much more. In one section on how to create giant plastic inflatables, it highlights that these props are “inflatable bombs you can blow up again and again!”

So, the conservative opinion is thought to be so unsuitable it is censored and hidden, yet these kinds of websites that instruct people on illegal activities and even violence are able to thrive? Leave it to the left to argue this freedom of speech is okay, but conservatives are racist, violent dredges of society.

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