By Onar Åm

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any wilder down in Swampville, an alleged anonymous White House insider decides to up the ante and go full crazy-town mode. Liberty Nation Editor in Chief Leesa K. Donner says in the Uprising Podcast that there appears to be a coordinated attack on the President and the American people.

When people discuss “shadowy coordinated attacks,” it is often easy to dismiss the trail of breadcrumbs as a conspiracy of tinfoil hat eccentrics. But with the recent release of The New York Times op-ed suggesting that staffers are removing key papers from the desk of the president in order to obstruct his work,  the question is not if someone is conspiring to take down the president, but who.

An Outsider?

Most of the media coverage has been speculations about the identity of the White House mole. However, if this truly is a coordinated attack on President Donald Trump and his administration, then we must not exclude the possibility of disinformation, which is a common weapon used to spread confusion.

Therefore, we must start with questioning the basic premise: Does there truly exist a self-professed resistance group close the president, or is it a carefully designed lie by an outsider to spread paranoia and chaos in the hope of creating a blue wave in the midterm elections? Or some other nefarious motive?

#1 Deep State

The darkest suspect in trying to derail the presidency through nefarious means is naturally the Deep State enemies of Trump. There seems to be an ongoing behind-the-scenes war between Trump and Mueller with his deep state allies, who are using every dirty trick in the book to take down the president.

So far Trump seems to be winning that battle, taking out one deep state operative after another and closing in on key players who were central in the Steele dossier scam. Is the “resistance” another desperate attempt at destabilizing Trump to stave off the swamp draining?

#2 DNC

The Democrats are behaving increasingly erratic and desperate, which we saw on display in the chaos surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings. Previously Senator Elizabeth Warren thought she was Pocahontas, and now Senator Cory Booker thinks he is Spartacus. All that’s missing to make a perfect omelet is Senator Chuck Schumer joining the Social Justice League as The Joker.

Pocahontas recently suggested invoking the 25th Amendment – for removing the president from office –  in the wake of the anonymous NTY op-ed. Is she the “leaker”? It may seem far-fetched that the Democratic Party would stoop to such lows merely to win an election, but then again, the DNC did conspire against Senator Bernie Sanders to prevent him from becoming the presidential candidate in 2016.

#3 Woodward Marketing Ploy

Bob Woodward’s book Fear: Trump in the White House, contains alleged voices from within the president’s inner circle. It seems like remarkable timing that the “resistance” would reveal itself just around the time it would be good for Woodward’s book sales. Could the insider be named Bob?

A Disgruntled Employee

Although all these options would have sounded utterly ridiculous three years ago, we are now in a situation where one of them could be true. That tells all you need to know about the current mental state of the detractors of Trump.

However, perhaps the most likely explanation was presented by Dilbert-creator Scott Adams in a recent Periscope livestream. Adams has made a 30-year career out of making cartoons about disgruntled employees. He has read thousands of anecdotes and stories from people about their bosses. If anyone knows what a disgruntled employee sounds like, it is him, and in his opinion the anonymous op-ed is an underling who is simply trash-talking his boss, one of the most widespread hobbies in corporate America.

Normally such bad-mouthing never makes it out of the office walls, but the Resistance media has created such a hysterical atmosphere in their efforts to undo the election that office banter now can become world headline news.

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