By Mark Angelides

July Fourth is not just a day for celebrating America’s independence; it is a time for examining her achievements and progress. To state that the U.S. has had an impact on the wider world is surely the greatest understatement of all time; culture, music, values, ideals of freedom, and liberty are among some of the most valued exports from this relatively young nation. And what is it that reinforces the worldwide appeal of these chief exports? American entrepreneurship.

A Strong History

The U.S. has more than her fair share of inventors, from Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs and even Bill Gates. She has given rise to products, tools, ways of production, and methods of distribution that other nations now emulate, as they too seek to become world leaders in a global economy.

But what is it about America that has enabled such growth and influence? And does that spirit still burn as brightly today?

American Exceptionalism

Few characters from history can match the passion and motivation to “do better and more” than America’s most-famed entrepreneurs. Henry Ford quite literally changed the way the world looks. Edison impacted how we live our lives. Steve Jobs’ legacy is in how we communicate. These epic upheavals, whether positive or negative, all stemmed from wanting to be the first and the biggest.

It is the spirit of American exceptionalism that drives inventors, innovators, and even marketeers to create the largest splash. The U.S. has long been a guiding light, and with that mantle comes a certain amount of responsibility. It is a burden that many have willingly carried in the past and that even today, many are willing to take up.

Patriot, or Die

While a unique clothing line may not be the most striking image of American Entrepreneurship, Patriot, or Die Apparel – a T-shirt business – embodies the spirit of exceptionalism and liberty in a fascinating manner.

Founded by three veterans from Pennsylvania, Patriot, or Die specializes in T-shirts that carry a pro-America message that is unashamedly for liberty, freedom, and the Constitution. With slogans such as “Veterans before illegals and refugees,” and “I’d Double Tap That” the trio attend free speech rallies, pro-Second Amendment events, and others, to not only show their support for the causes, but, in the true spirit of free markets, to advertise their products.

Liberty Nation’s Leesa K. Donner spoke with Monte Montgomery of Patriot, or Die Apparel about how the budding group got started and what their motivation is:


LEFT TO RIGHT: Jordan Jena, Monte Montgomery, Chris Marc

“The three of us, we basically met in basic training back in 2003. We were in the Navy. The three of us are from Pennsylvania and we grew up in the Philly area, close to each other. So, we met at basic training. We decided last year we were going to start our own t-shirt apparel. Because, we’ve been buying other competitors shirts that we wanted to just have our own message that we wanted to put on the shirts that we weren’t seeing with the current companies, that we were customers at.

We started it, I kind of headed up on the social media and the website, Chris (Chris Marc) does all the logistics, and Jordan (Jordan Jena) does all the business management and product sourcing. We kind of just wanted, you know, our message that we wanted to be on there that we’re unapologetic, no filter, we put what most people are thinking but they don’t say it. Or, other companies are not putting that kind of strong conservative message, promilitary, pro-American, pro Veteran message on t-shirts so that’s why we … that’s kind of like our brand.

We kind of just stand behind our message. We’re not just an apparel company, we go out to rallies for the Second Amendment. We’ve gone out to see conservative speakers and kind of gone toe-to-toe with some of the Alt-Left groups there. That’s kind of like who we are.”

Looking Out for Veterans

The company is naturally veteran-focused. Employing veterans, being veterans, they also donate profits to veteran causes around the country. In a time when veteran homelessness and suicide is at terrible levels, it is more important than ever that private companies, individuals, as well as the government need to step in and support those that have risked everything. Monte said:

“We’ve done (donated to) homeless charities in New York. That’s one of our biggest passions, are homeless Veterans. We’re also looking to donate to Veterans that are disabled, and as well as start a program where we can help Veterans get into the IT world because that’s what I am, a computer programmer by trade as well.”

On the Fourth of July, this is something we should all be thinking about. Without these brave souls defending both nation and constitution, it is all too easy to see the dream of America slip away. Liberty Nation leaves you with a thought on Independence Day from Monte Montgomery:

“Be proud. Be proud of where you’re from. Be proud that you live in one of the greatest countries in this world. Don’t lay down for anybody. Show your pride, because I know there are a lot of things going on today as far as people thinking that if you say you’re patriotic that means you’re racist or this and that, whatever they come up with. My thing is always just be proud of that. Don’t back down for no one.”

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