By Onar Åm

Most left-leaning media outlets consistently chant the mantra that President Donald Trump is highly polarizing. But does merely repeating this make it true? Not only are they wrong, there’s strong evidence that the opposite could be the case. When understood correctly, Trump may well be the most unifying president in the nation’s history.

At first glance, this seems like an outlandish idea. The U.S. is indeed divided, and someone is polarizing the country. But is it Trump?

Consider the overwhelmingly positive news: The economy is booming, unemployment is plummeting, and black employment is at record high levels. ISIS is decimated, North Korea appears to be serious about denuclearization, Trump is signing improved trade deals, and the world once more respects the U.S. So why then is almost all media coverage of Trump hostile and negative?

Not since the Civil War has a president needed to fight a more divisive adversary.

The Enemy Media

A recent study found that only 8% of Americans identify as “progressive activists” — politically active people whose beliefs fundamentally conflict with traditional U.S values. Yet it’s clear that most media outlets fill exactly this role. Consequently, they don’t represent the people and are hostile to the ideas to which most Americans adhere. The press, in general, is undemocratic and anti-American. Or in the president’s words: They are the enemy of the people.

When evaluating Trump, we need to adjust for the massive propaganda machine that hurls fake news at him. It is not unreasonable to assume that the media can move the needle of opinion by 20%. Considering this, the fact that Donald Trump is now more popular than Barrack Obama was at the same phase in his presidency shows what a genuinely unifying figure he is – so much so that he can overcome the collective influence of the magnificent Fourth Estate.

The numbers are even more impressive when we look at a minority that has traditionally felt disenchanted in America: blacks. In a recent Rasmussen poll, the black approval rating of Trump had surged to a whopping 40%.

Trump Approval Today Back at 50%

Black Voter Approval at Record High.

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) October 29, 2018


This is nothing short of a political awakening. Not since blacks left the party of Lincoln out of desperation and voted in droves for President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s has there been a more significant voter movement in the black community.

Mexican Rapists

Consider what progressives hold as one of the most divisive and hateful political statements in U.S. history: Trump’s infamous Mexican rapist speech. In what world is it divisive to want to put America first and to protect all her citizens against illegal aliens who may be violent criminals?

It is understandable that those who do not feel like Americans may be hurt by the facts about the inordinate amount of crime coming across the southern border, but Trump never promised to unite Mexico.

America First

As Trump’s policies are starting to take effect, ever more Americans are waking up to their fundamentally unifying effect. While Obama was managing the decline, Trump is stopping the cultural and economic hemorrhage, and the U.S. is starting to win again.

More Americans are beginning to see through the fake news, and when the Mueller probe finally lays the Russia conspiracy theory to rest after the midterm election, Trump’s approval rating is likely to rise sharply.

Not since the Civil War has a president needed to fight a more divisive adversary, and that makes his accomplishments even more impressive. Given what he has managed in only two years, imagine what he can do in the next six.


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