Why am I promoting peer to peer technology?

  • I’m tired of having my online carcass picked clean by monolithic social media sites, online retailers and government snoops.
  • I’m tired of being tracked, categorized, monetized, hacked into and spied on.
  • I’m tired of being bombarded by spam and invasive, obnoxious advertising.
  • I’m tired of being at the mercy of social media mobs.
  • I’m tired of having no control.

Peer to peer is a concept. There are active efforts to create viable, secure and effective peer to peer networking solutions. It is not widespread yet. Much has to be worked out. But I see no alternative in the evolution of the Internet.

Monolithic monopolies have dominated the Internet in search, social networking, online shopping and news. Relying on only a few portals to conduct our lives is natural and normal. We are creatures of habit. If we can get fresh groceries at our local market, there is no compelling reason to venture elsewhere. We do the same thing online, form habits that serve our needs.

Online monopolies count on our human nature and use it against us. We are tracked, categorized and monetized. We are the product, we are the resource. Very talented, well paid people work around the clock to get us to pry open our wallets to them. We are not human beings to them. We are data points, a collection of buying habits to exploit and plunder.

We tell social media everything about ourselves: our vital statistics, where we work, our life history and our relationships. We are walking gold mines. We are commodities: easy to exploit and easy to discard when we are used up.

All the points I’ve made add up to one thing: a population that is ripe for tyranny. We rely on services that don’t need us and hold us in contempt. We do business with people we can’t see or talk to. We grudgingly accept rotten customer service. We expect to be on hold for an hour or more to get a simple issue resolved. And we feel lucky when it didn’t take longer.

The human mind is the most complex, beautiful and creative force we know of. It has created civilizations, conquered diseases, solved intractable problems, created works of art and taken us to the stars. Why are we then content to live at the mercy of tyrants? Can the human mind break free of parasitic dependencies and create a level playing field?

Peer to peer technology is the only paradigm I can identify that will join our minds together in constructive ways.