Red Alert for Net Neutralirty: Tell Congress to Save the Open Internet Order (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

In December, the FCC voted to end the 2015 Open Internet Order, which prevented Internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T and Comcast from violating net neutrality principles. A simple majority vote in Congress can keep the FCC’s decision from going into effect. From now until the Senate votes, EFF, along with a coalition of organizations, companies, and websites, is on red alert and calling on you to tell Congress to vote to restore the Open Internet Order.

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows Congress to overturn an agency rule using a simple majority vote. It likewise only requires 30 signatures in order to force a vote. The petition to force the vote was delivered today. That means we’re likely to see the Senate—which has only been only one vote away from restoring net neutrality protections for quite a while—vote in mid-May.

That gives us time to make sure our voices are heard. You can see where your representatives stand and then give them a call. Tell them you to use the CRA to restore net neutrality protections.

Take Action

Save the net neutrality rules

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Catalog of Missing Devices: Arielle (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Today's world of amazing technology owes its existence to the low cost of entry: anyone can make anything and bring it to the world to see if it catches on. From emoji to email, the web to Netflix, the permissionless technology world lets us turn today's improbable idea into tomorrow's billion-dollar business. So yeah: adaptive, automated soundtracks for your ebooks, mining your music library for exactly the right track to play to enhance the mood of the fiction you're reading, scene by scene and song by song. All it takes is the right idea, and the right to get around the DRM on those ebooks.

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FPF Comments on CA Public Utilities Commission Autonomous Vehicle Passenger Service Proceeding (Future of Privacy Forum)

Last week, the Future of Privacy Forum filed written comments in response to the California Public Utilities Commission’s proposed decision authorizing pilot programs for passenger service in Autonomous Vehicles. The CPUC is a consumer protection agency that oversees, among other topics, provision of passenger service in the state. The proposed decision called for a number of criteria to be met by companies seeking to operate AV passenger service, including reporting of communications between passengers and remote operators of driverless AVs, as well as aggregated operations data. Opening comments by other parties called for even more data to be collected, including GPS information for pick-ups and drop-offs.

FPF filed comments focusing on three main topics: 1) Because the Commission cannot ensure that data will not be made public, it should minimize data collection and incorporate privacy safeguards; 2) Communication between passengers and remote operators could contain sensitive information, and the disclosure contemplated by the Commission could create serious privacy risks; and 3) Other opening comments’ requests for additional service data raise additional, significant privacy and security concerns. Some of these points echo our prior letter to the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission regarding privacy risks of sensitive geolocation and other consumer data).

Read the full comment here.


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Community Development News – April 2018 (Apache Software Foundation Blogs)

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)!

This month we have news about our Apache EU Roadshow, the schedule for Apachecon North America is announced, we talk about our participation at GOTO Chicago, we plan for having an Apache presence at more open source conferences and we welcome another PMC member.

OpenExpo Europe

As part of our involvement with the OpenExpo Europe Conference there was a request for volunteers to write short articles on open source trends for the conference e-book. Several volunteers came forward and the ebook was published in both English and Spanish versions. Thanks very much to everyone who contributed and also to Sally Khudairi for co-ordination.

Ignasi Barrera has taken over the event co-ordination and a wiki page has been setup to track the details. We will have a keynote and several other presentations at the event, as well as being part of informal question and answer sessions.

We will also have our Apache booth available at the event. If you will be attending the event or would like to help out as part of our presence at the event then please contact us via the community developmen mailing list.

Apache EU Roadshow

Our Apache EU Roadshow will be co-located with FOSS Backstage on 13th and 14th June 2018 in Berlin. The CFP for the Roadshow ended with 72 talks being submitted. A request for reviewers was made via our mailing list and we found several volunteers who were happy to help us select the presentations for our roadshow tracks.

The schedule has been announced and we have a full program of 28 talks. We have 2 days filled with new and exciting presentations. Join us to learn the latest about Apache Tomcat, IoT, Cloud technologies, Micro-services and Apache Httpd Server. The main dates and details are as follows:

Monday 11th - Thursday 14th June 2018 : Apache Lounge and Booth, available for networking, hacking and community meetups
Wednesday 13th June 2018; Track 1: Cloud ; Track 2: Apache Tomcat
Thursday 14th June 2018; Track 1: Apache Httpd and Microservices ; Track 2; Internet of Things (IoT)

Registering to attend FOSS Backstage will also give you access to the Apache EU Roadshow. Please note that this will be the main Apache event in Europe for 2018 so we are hoping that as many people from our project communities are able to attend.

Please note that many Community related, governance or Apache Way presentations have been included as part of the FOSS Backstage program.

You can find out more information about the EU Roadshow and also and register to attend at http://apachecon-DOT-com/euroadshow18 and more about FOSS Backstage at

ApacheCon NA Schedule Announced

We are pleased to announce our schedule for ApacheCon North America 2018 will be held September 23-27 at the Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain in Montreal, Canada. Our CFP ended with nearly 250 submissions and we have selected more than 100 of them for the conference. The schedule is now live and includes full tracks from Apache Cloudstack, Apache Tomcat and our GeoSpatial community.

This year, we have keynotes from:

  • Bridget Kromhout, Principal Cloud Developer Advocate from Microsoft
  • Euan McLeod, ‎VP VIPER at ‎Comcast
  • Cliff Schmidt from Literacy Bridge
  • Myrle Krantz with the Apache Fineract

Registration is open and there is currently an early bird rate lasts until 21st July.

Follow us on Twitter and join the mailing list (send email to to stay up to date with developments. And if your company wants to sponsor this event, get in touch at for opportunities that are still available.

GOTO Chicago

We were allocated a free booth at
GOTO Chicago which was staffed by several community members. Kanchana Welagedara, Bob Paulin, and Trevor Grant worked the booth for two days and were able to engage with several developers who are interested in getting involved with projects. Most of the participants knew about the ASF (which is great!), although a few thought that we were trying to sell something (which is great because we made them aware of who the ASF is / what it's goals are).

The most important conversations revolved around

  1. There are ALOT of Apache Projects and;
  2. projects are made up of ordinary people and to not be intimidated about getting involved and contributing.

The GOTO event organisers were excited to have us at the event, and would like to have the ASF do booths at other conferences in the future. Finally, another great outcome of the event was a proposal to have an Apache Roadshow Chicago in Spring of 2019. This has been taken back to our mailing list and planning has already begun!

Huge thanks very much to Trevor Grant for taking the lead on managing our participation at this event, and to all the other volunteers who participated and helped promote Apache. Remember, if you are interested in being involved or helping out then please join the discussion on our mailing list.

OSCON 2018

We have been allocated a free booth at OSCON. It has been a while since we had a presence there but this year the OSCON schedule includes quite a few talks related to Apache projects. Taking a quick look through the schedule you will find presentations on Spark, OpenWhisk, Kafka, PredictionIO, Ignite, MXNet, Mesos and Fineract. It is great to see our projects being promoted at this type of event.


The ASF was accepted as a GSoC mentor organisation again this year and our mentors mailing list is being used to co-ordinate the work. Both Uli and Maxim have been very active in finalising the list of accepted students.

Welcome New PMC Member - Maxim Solodovnik

The Apache Community Development PMC is pleased to announce another new PMC member this month. Maxim Solodovnik has been involved with community development activities for a while and has also been helping us administer and support GSoC. Maxim has shown himself to be very open, enthusiastic and willing to share his knowledge with others.

We are sure that Maxim will be a great addition to the ComDev PMC.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.