twister user and promoter arrested in Shanghai. #FreeLoveChan! (twister)

Hi people,

I’m still trying to make complete sense of this, so please apologize me for any mistakes. I don’t read Chinese and automatic translations tools sometimes produce nonsense stuff. This is utterly complicated by Orwellian police procedures.

A Chinese guy known as @lovechan64 was arrested by Shanghai police last May 30, on charges of “the crime of destruction of computer information systems”. lovechan (known in twister by ids @lovechan, @z9 and @9z) is a well known twister promoter, having publicly talked about twister using his Twitter account multiple times.

According to some sites:

It is understood that 陈乐福 network called “love chan”, is committed to promoting social networking software twister, on May 30 was arrested by Shanghai police. twister is an open source P2P microblogging network, which is characterized by the message sent can not be blocked, not deleted after content publishing, publisher’s identity can not be tracked.

Chinese activist @wenyunchao reported on Jun 8:

Love Chan @ lovechan64 Chen Yuefu committed to promoting #Twister, authorities Detention he seems to be afraid of this thing. Another reason may be that he helped some of the dissidents face to face counseling over the wall.

I’ve asked chinese twister users about this. Some confirmed and others reported another reasons.

@chinanet explained:

@mfreitas @yangxiao no, it’s NOT because of twister, it’s because @lovechan (aka @z9 @9z ) helps @xiaolan spreading leak of 50-cent party. @xiaolan is anonymous but @lovechan is not, @lovechan even uses his own photo as avatar

I’ve tried to understand a bit more about this, and it seems “50-cent party” is a group of people who receive money from Chinese govt to post good things on public forums and stuff like that. This seems to be officially demised but recently someone (not @lovechan) obtained, and then leaked, a private email containing a list of these people. @lovechan is reported to have helped publicizing such leak.

Either way, this is serious stuff that we should bring awareness about. The guy is definitely detained as reported here. He is married to Lee Funchang who just gave birth to a baby last Jun 5th. The guy is still detained and has not yet seen the baby.

It looks like the guy was found by old police job (he apparently didn’t tried hard to hide his identity) not due to any twister failure. Anyway it is important to realize that, while it is ok to use twister over a plain networks for reading the news and casual chats, if you have really serious and dangerous shit to say by all means: create a new user and only connect twister on top of Tor. twister alone won’t protect you against Orwellian governments!! (note: i’m referring to public posts here, twister’s DM and Group Chat content should be safe even without Tor)


Stay safe and let me know for any corrections.

Update: No, I don’t think @lovechan was identified because he was not using Tor. He posted the leaked files using his wife’s account (see below for @chinanet’s comments). Of course, it doesn’t matter using Tor or not if one signs with his real name.

Update Jul 04 2015: by @chinanet(新人教程, 点我资料): @vegos @thedod @lohang @twister good news is @lovechan was granted bail pending trial with restricted liberty of moving. he used @9z to post just now.