By Mark Angelides

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part series based on an interview with Luke Nash-Jones of MBGA (Make Britain Great Again) on Liberty Nation’s LNTV.

Mark Angelides: Hello, and welcome to Liberty Nation’s LNTV. I’m your host, Mark Angelides, and I’m joined today by the mind and drive behind the People’s Charter Foundation and Make Britain Great Again campaign, Mr. Luke Nash-Jones. Luke has kindly joined us to discuss something that is under a full media blackout in the U.K. right now, the arrest and imprisonment of free speech activist and citizen journalist, Tommy Robinson. Firstly, thanks for being here, Luke. Could you tell us a little about Tommy and the circumstances of his arrest please?

Luke Nash-Jones: Tommy is a very passionate activist in Britain who is speaking out against the pedophilic epidemic in this county. There’s a massive problem with grooming gangs who are abusing girls across the county and because the culprits are generally from a certain religious and racial background, it’s frowned upon to speak about this. It’s deemed as politically incorrect, and those who do speak about this are generally harassed and shut down.

Tommy Robinson – Credit: The Guardian

Now what’s happened to Tommy is about a year ago. He was reporting on the steps outside of a court, and because he was standing on the forecourt, technically, this is very pedantic, they’re being very awkward here, they said he’s in contempt of court. Now technically there is such a law, but I was looking through the guidelines of Channel Four –  we can compare that to MSN or CNN, some would call it fake new – but they said, in their guidelines, that they’d advised their journalists not to stand outside the courts because of the law. But this law they also noted is never enforced. Though when it came to Tommy, it was enforced. So that’s why we feel this was politically motivated, because he had spoken out about the grooming gang problem.

Now the other day, he went to back to another court to speak against the grooming gang problem in Leeds where many girls have been abused as well, and he was charged. Now he was being very careful there. He used the word alleged, the word accused, he didn’t want to actually say these people had committed a crime. He was being very cautious because of the wording of the last case.

I read through the notes. He was trying to avoid being charged again. He also did not stand on the forecourt. He was just walking up and down the road. So they weren’t able to charge him with contempt of court for which they’ve previously given him a suspended sentence. Now a suspended sentence means that if he breaks the law, he’s going into prison where he likely will be killed.

So, what they did instead was charge him with Breach of the Peace, which comprised he was about to start a riot in the street. And that clearly isn’t the case, because if you watched his live stream, he broadcasts for about an hour and you look up and down the street, it’s almost empty, it’s raining, nobody is there. No riots were about to occur in the street. This is clearly looking like just an excuse to lock up somebody that’s highlighting this massive problem we have of Islamism in the U.K.

Mark Angelides: It seems, to my admittedly uneducated eye, that the arrest here is pure government tyranny. What do you think?

Luke Nash-Jones: That is how we see it. We see that free speech is being attacked. We don’t have the same laws that there are in America. We may be the country where the ideas of liberty came from, people like John Stewart Mill, but these ideas are better exercised in America, which is one of the reasons people went to America and declared independence. Well, here in Britain, we don’t really have this notion of free speech. It’s very easy for the government to clamp down on political ideas they’re not comfortable with.

Mark Angelides: How did Britain even arrive at this point, where reporting on it, a major issue like this, has become, essentially, an imprisonable offense? How did we arrive at this point?

Luke Nash-Jones: We have a lot of laws in Britain that do restrict freedom of speech. We do not have a free media. It is entirely controlled by the government. And, in fact, one of the main channels in our country, the BBC, which would be the CNN on steroids, it’s far more extreme, far more openly communist, is actually owned by the government and we’re under compulsion to pay a tax to watch any TV which funds the BBC.

That’s totally different than what happens in America. Our main TV channels, including also ITN, that’s run by a government department, the department of culture. A lot of our TV network, a lot of our radio broadcasting is owned by the government. They totally control what the people see and think. And that’s why what you and I do, and all the other media networks, people like InfoWars are very important because they’re getting out the message which the people can’t hear in Britain.

Come back tomorrow for part two, in which we discuss the #FreeTommy rally and the planned pro-Trump rally/counter protest.

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