Happy new year… already for some, and almost for some others! Time for a new release of AkariXB, my Jabber/XMPP bot, with some more polish!

Changes for this release include:

  • Parameters passed to a command can be inserted in the reply, via %params%, and the nickname of the calling user can be inserted with %user%.
  • In chatrooms, commands that have a custom reply pattern won’t show the nickname of the user who triggered the command, unless specified.
  • Ability to report uptime.
  • When connection is lost, reconnection will always be attempted.
  • Connection keepalive timeout will be forced to be lower than keepalive interval, to ensure proper timeouts.
  • Basic handling of headline (broadcast) messages.
  • Option to show detailed XML debug info in the console.
  • Changed OK/Cancel buttons in some dialogs to follow the environment’s style.

The source code for this release can be downloaded from linux-apps.com (not uploaded here yet), part of the opendesktop.org network, and from AkariXB release archive at akarixb.nongnu.org.

Development repository is at gitlab.com/akarixb/akarixb-dev.

The main dependencies are Qt 5 and the QXMPP library.

AkariXB is available in the repositories of Mageia 6 and later, and Rosa 2016.1. I hope it can be included in more GNU distributions soon. If you’re interested in having it in yours, just ask them ?

Cheers! o/

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