Hello everybody

I just signin today.
If this topic isn’t on the right place, let’me know please.

I read english each day, but don’t write o understand it well (movie in english only), so I’ll try to be clear.

I update my Tribler from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2 few hours ago.
I use Windows 64 bits version.
I love the direction chosen by this project, anonymization, resilience, sharing respect, speed also for those who want it, no advertising, continuous development of the software, and so on and so on.
It is really an ambitious project, including intellectually speaking it seems!

I seach for a simple summary of the changes, between thoses two minor version and don’t find it.
There is …
A link to “shrot changelog” that seems perfect.
Explanations are enought for me (i’need not to understand each change) …

Dates are a bit confusing. That’s not a changelog, maybe some kind of major version changelog?
Is it possible to read a simple summary?
I didn’t find a post on the forum about this 7.2.2.

About the credit mining, that’a great idea!

My internet speed is lowwww.
I download all the time with 3 hops to be as anonymous as possible, and I accept that my download speed’ll be slower.
Anyway i download faster than i upload. And, even with a lot of “leecher” waiting on a torrent file, only few leechers begin to download from me and it seems that i share really really slow most of the time. That’s a bit strange.
With yhat in mind, mining (o doing something to help, to increase my sharing ratio) sound perfect to me.

Hum, miner was active / possible for some times in my Tribler versions but I felt like I was never mine.
Recently, a i saw something new …
I search how to begin to mine.
I tried to subscribe to a channel (maybe i do this) clicking on thoses two icons …
And then on the “credit mining” tab, i download some files that i don’t want.
Hum, this empirical approach is a little confusing.

I need to read some explanations about mining in Tribler, to understand the purpose and general functioning.
I must have seen the title of a topic explaining that mining will simply be automatically activated, a simple, coherent, perfect idea.

I have a feature to submit, which already seems to be partially integrated with Tribler itself and/or mining option:
Hard drives are bigger and bigger all the time.
We may choose to provision / reserve some amount of local disk space to act as some kind of cache.
A cache that could be configured in size and orientation…

  • I choose to put on my hard drive pieces of what seems to be the most requested around me (inside the Tribler network)
  • I choose to cache what seems rare around me (inside the Tribler network)
  • I choose an intermediary

What do you think about this functionality please?

I understand that Tribler with this functionality’ll have to enable some mecanism to … control this cache.
As a bad guy, i shound try to corrupt some cache chunks on my hard drive, o let the all thing begin to bug/crash, etc …
And this will inevitably lead to many other things to monitor, verify, …
I’m trully not a coder :wink:

Good day everybody.

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